Italian Marble or Indian Marble? What to Choose?
Published on October 08, 2020.

Upgrading or elevating the ambience within a home by complimenting the interior with a right blend of shades is an art in itself. Lavish lifestyle reflected by superb interior design is no more a bliss only for the rich. The portrayal of exclusivity to create a distinctive sphere across the home is a craft that is perfected through right approach and excellent choice of natural masterpieces. Amplifying the internal environment within the home requires detailed deliberation and dedication. A seamless amalgamation of unique textures and colours surely provides the ultimate outlook to the environment.

Gone are the days when owning a brilliant property at a prime location signifies the affluence or the class within the society at large. The practice of adorning and embellishing home or a commercial property with stunning premium stones personifying lifestyle and standard of living has increasingly become en vogue even amongst the ordinary class. Infact, turning spaces into spectacular places is the new norm for a majority of people.
When it comes to home décor, nothing better than Marble captivates the attention and fascinates due to its unmatched sheer beauty and richness of lustre in comparison to other factory-made materials such as vitrified or laminum tiles. Due to its splendid and grandeur appearance, marble continues to be the most preferred flooring material.

As purchase and installation of marble incurs significant cost, it is extremely crucial to make an informed decision of buying the right one for your property to achieve the desired charm and appeal.
Both Italian and Indian marble are available in different colours, patterns and textures but a number of factors differentiate one from another. Below mentioned are some of the factors for you to consider prior to making an informed decision of buying Italian or Indian marble, as per your preferences, requirement and expectations.

Exceptional Appeal

What makes Italian marble stand apart from Indian marble is the visual appeal that astonishingly augments the appearance of the area where it is installed. Due to being rich in lustre or gloss, the Italian marble is highly preferred and perceived as an ultimate choice for remarkable interior design. Whereas, the Indian marble due to its medium lustre and hardness is primarily utilized for flooring, kitchen countertops and washroom slabs etc.

Luxury Aesthetics

The sheer elegance drawn from the pearly and luminescent characteristic of Italian marble makes it truly a natural masterpiece and a true icon of excellence and exquisite luxury. What makes Italian marble a definite choice for interior design and home décor is the availability of an extensive range of patterns, shades and textures that provides a greater scope for creating out-of-the-box designs and concepts. Italian marble continues to be the insignia of luxury due to its alluring aesthetics and beauty. Widely revered for its fine veins and lustrous sheen, places designed purely in Italian marble are absolute showstopper. Considering its nature of being soft and vibrant, Italian marble is perceived no less than a treasure that provides a powerful premium touch to the entire ambience.

Astonishing Range

Types of Italian marble comprise a series of most precious stones that are truly feast for the eyes. The White Statuario, White Statuario Venato and White Statuario Extra marble of Carrara is amongst the most precious gifts of nature that reflects remarkable aesthetic perfection and opulence. Another natural masterpiece that is highly preferred for installation at prestigious projects is Calacatta, known for its subtle magnificence, textures and brilliant color of veins. The kind ranges from Calcatta Caldia to Calacatta Crema and Calacutta Oro entailing remarkable shades and veins in mint green, beige and yellow gold. Some of the other kinds of Italian marble that are used primarily for innovative interior décor and luxurious upholstery are Sicilian Diaspro, and Botticino, amongst others.