Know How To Incorporate Pink Marble Into Your Home
Published on September 22, 2022.

Typically considered a feminine colour in the past, pink has made its place in the hearts of homes and commercial spaces through its application as pink marble countertops and flooring in a modern, contemporary interior design. Yes! You read that right. These pink colour marble inspirations for your countertops, flooring, décor, and much more are guaranteed to sway you if you are not already smitten with pink throughout its mauve, dusty rose, blush, fuschia, flamingo, bubblegum, magenta, and rosewood charm.

Pink marble installation may seem like the pinnacle of an interior design concept, but we guarantee you that the pink marble colour installed in any space of your luxurious home is destined to leave your guests in awe of your fashion taste. If you’re inclined toward purchasing a pink marble stone for your elegant abode but are confused about how to incorporate it into your space, this article was meant to reach you. This article includes every contemporary way you can install pink imported marble in your opulent homes. Without any further ado, let’s explore the design ideas together —

Where and how to use pink marble in home interior design?

1. A subtle luxury in the bathroom

The design of such a bathroom is meant to be gorgeous and tasteful. The bathroom looks subtle and sophisticated despite the magnificent pink marble cladding. The Pink Quartzite by R K Marble is a delicate yet striking stone that doesn’t want to blend in; it oozes charm and grace. Saffron as well as cream threads weave through the rainbow of colours to create a stunning focal point for your bathroom.

2. An elegant pink kitchen space

Consider installing a pink marble countertop in the heart of your elegant residence for a striking and fascinating appearance. The minimalistic look of the modern kitchen cabinets in combination with the pink marble stone can bring out the elegance of your busy space like no other.

3. A floor as pretty as a picture

Installing pink marble flooring in any space of your luxurious abode is destined to set the tone of your home’s interior design. Consider installing the Greek Rosa Travertine by R K Marble to create an exquisitely graceful space, especially in your bedroom.

4. A fusion of pink and rose gold

Wait! No! We’re not talking about rose gold flooring or wall panels. But don’t you think that the colours pink and rose gold are meant for each other? Consider pairing onyx pink marble with hints of rose gold through a rose gold side table, flower vase or some accent décor pieces.

5. A modish living room

The living room should be the masterpiece of your lavish home, considering it to be the most-utilised room in the house, whether it is for watching television or having hour-long conversations with your loved ones. The addition of a Pink Onyx Marble wall panel in the living room can make this party corner appear like a honeypot of your home.

6. A mixed-marble saga

Why limit yourself to just one marble colour when you can easily create an extraordinary twosome? Imagine a kitchen with a pink onyx marble backsplash that goes well with the soft pink countertop.

7. An all-pink room

Who doesn’t love a monochrome room in the house? Whether you choose to have a monochrome dining room or bedroom, pink marble stone can never go wrong in turning heads. What are you waiting for? Paint the walls pink, install a pink onyx backsplash, pink flooring, and rose gold décor accents. Oh! The beauty!

You can find a variety of pink marble stones at the R K Marble store at fair and transparent prices. You can also buy marble online through the R K Marble website and explore an even more expansive range of marble stones right from your bedroom.