Know the difference between tiles and marble
Published on October 09, 2020.

Being faced with a decision to choose between tiles and marble is quite a dilemma for the ones who are inclined towards perfection. Conceptualizing a stunning interior requires significant deliberation and understanding for incorporation of elements that elevates and upgrades the outlook of the place.

A seamless blend of high-end natural stones coupled with great furnishings and décor creates an eclectic fusion. A logical ideation backed by a conscious selection of interior design elements is the key to transforming an ordinary place into a luxurious abode.

tile vs marble

Difference between tiles and marble

Both tiles and marble comes in an infinite range of options and vary from one another in terms of properties, composition, variety, Aesthetics and strength, etc. Flooring is the one major attraction within a home that defines the overall appearance and appeal. It is also an arduous and complex task to get the flooring changed, therefore choosing the right flooring option is extremely important.

To facilitate wiser decision making and address your concerns or doubts of choosing between tiles and marble, we bring to a quick game-changing guide prepared and backed by sound research.

Which is better: tiles or marble?

Appearance and aesthetics

Aesthetics, without a doubt, the only major deciding aspect that makes marble more popular in comparison to tiles. What makes marble more distinctively appealing are the natural swirls, patterns and textures. Being rich in lustre and shine, the beauty of marble is unmatched and incomparable.

The tiles on the other hand are available in a range of colours, textures, patterns, designs, and are manually crafted in glazed and unglazed finish resembling marble, wood and bamboo like appeal.

The colour intensity along with a series of hues and shades makes marble an ultimate choice for remarkable design concepts. The natural blend of veins, prints and textures are organic yet premium in nature, which makes it aesthetically more genuine and realistic.  

Composition and properties

Another major difference between the two materials is the formation and composition. As marble is a natural stone it bears a number of characteristics that makes it unique, distinct and more popular over tiles. Marble is a hard-crystalline metamorphic form of limestone that entails greater strength and toughness as compared to tiles.

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Tiles are prepared through a mixture of clay and minerals like silica, quartz and feldspar baked at high temperatures. Considering the manual composition of tiles, the strength and toughness is significantly low. 

Elite lifestyle is often defined by a heightened standard of living which is reflected by the way people choose to adorn their homes; hence it becomes even more crucial to give it a reasonable thought prior to taking a call on application of tiles or marble.

Marble is unquestionably a better investment than tiles. For more information, connect with our Stone Experts at +91-9119118118 or visit R K Marble.