Magnetic Accent Walls for Your Elegant Home
Published on November 11, 2022.

Interested in upgrading the aesthetic appeal of your gorgeous residence? Perhaps it is time to think about installing a stellar feature wall. These not only look absolutely stunning, but they are also easy to design, blend well with almost any furniture design, and effortlessly adapt to your distinctive personality and design preferences.

A feature wall, also known as an accent wall or highlight wall, is a single wall that is distinct from the other walls in the room in terms of colour, material, shade, design, or pattern. Whether you choose to paint a wall differently or introduce a comforting yet appealing ambience into the space with a marble design for wall, your home is destined to look one-of-a-kind with a stunning accent wall.

A marble accent wall, for one, is a peculiar design element that can easily draw the visual attention of your guests and serve as the centre of attraction of your lavish residence. Alongside marble, you can also use imported granite to add a distinctive charm to your home. Installing a highlight wall in your home to leave a lasting impression on your guests can never go wrong! Cast a mystique spell with a fascinating black granite accent wall or an elegant showstopper with a white marble design on your living room feature wall; RK Marble has every stone that you need!

If you are fascinated by its aesthetic appeal but confused about which granite or marble design to pick for your home’s accent wall, we’ve got you a list of stunning natural stones you can adorn your home with.

Evergreen Accent Walls Design Ideas:

1. Blue Bahia

This exotic blue granite is an arresting masterpiece of nature. Alluring through its vivid shades of blue, bubbling with electric excitement and charm, Blue Bahia can transform any ordinary room into an extraordinary space. If you are looking for an astounding piece of stone with an unparalleled magnetism to leave your guests feeling stunned at every visit, then Blue Bahia is the stone for you! Not just as the living room accent wall, this marvellous piece of nature can do wonders for your bathroom feature wall too. This blue exotic stone will create an ambience that oozes positive vibes, calmness, and relaxation.

2. Pink Onyx

Pink Onyx is a soothing and timeless piece of stone that looks like a bouquet of pink blooms. When backlit, it casts a rosy glow throughout the room, making it a standout from the rest of your living room walls. What could be better than a unique pink charm in the room?

3. Invictus

A nature-inspired home décor must have been on your list if you are an aesthete homeowner with a taste for contemporary interior design.Other than focusing on purchasing plants for your biophilic design, you might also want to consider adding an accent wall with earthy tones to bring out the calming and relaxing vibe in the space. Invictus Marble is the stone for you if you are looking for a natural stone with earthy tones, having olive undertones enhancing the bold steel grains scattered over its surface.

4. Rosso Lavante

A bold choice is one made by a select few. The Rosso Lavante is a stellar red Italian marble with impressive white veins spanning across its surface, introducing a glamorous yet sophisticated touch to your home interiors. If “spectacular” is the vibe you are looking for, this is the stone for you. This masterpiece looks phenomenal no matter whether you choose to add it as a bedroom accent wall or a stunning living room wall.

It’s not that hard to pick a granite or marble design for wall of your home considering how effortlessly they blend into the aesthetic of your home interiors. After reading this, looking for imported marble and granite would be the first thing that comes to your mind, right? Find the best quality marble & granite at India’s most trusted marble and granite supplier – RK Marble. You can visit the RK Marble store near you or choose to buy granite online by exploring the RK Marble website right from the comfort of your home.