Marble Floor Options to Make Your Bedroom a Peaceful Heaven
Published on November 14, 2022.

While designing and planning the bedroom space of your new residence or making an attempt to remodel the existing one into a space that screams heaven and peace, it is obvious for you to feel inclined towards investing in the finest interior design elements. Choosing contemporary interior pieces should reflect not only your home’s aesthetics but also your personality. When thinking about picking the right design elements, selecting bedroom marble flooring can never go wrong!

Marble flooring in your bedroom can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your personal space. Since you are the one to sleep, relax, and spend the most of your time here, you must create a space that is comfortable, relaxing, yet extraordinarily appealing to the eyes. This is when marble for bedroom comes into the picture. With a myriad of different types of marble flooring options available on the market today, it is normal for you to get confused about which marble colour will best suit your space and which marble manufacturer or supplier would be the best and most reliable choice for your marble requirements. R K Marble can be a good starting point – we have India’s largest collection of premium Imported Marble & Granite for you to choose from.

RK Marble is among the most trusted marble manufacturers and suppliers in India offering you with the widest range of imported marble flooring varieties to make your bedroom space effortlessly transform into a peaceful heaven one can only dream of! It is reasonable to assume that you are considering using white marble stone to bring peace and comfort into your space, but why not try colours when they can do the same job by adding a hint of creativity and uniqueness? We’ve got you a few best-selling marble options from RK Marble that are often purchased by skilful interior designers and aesthete homeowners who are looking forward to creating a peaceful, comfortable, and elegant bedroom space with the latest marble flooring design.

Chic Bedroom Marble Flooring

1. Rosso Statuario

Rosso Statuario Marble, a premium grade, uncommon red Statuario Marble from our collection, is widely recognised for its stunning beauty and exceptional grandeur. This natural stone can seamlessly add serenity and elegance to your space, with trends and veins merging naturally over a cream-coloured surface, creating a spectacular yet graceful charm.

2. Brescia Blue

The fine, careless blue strokes covering the beige base of the Brescia Blue Marble will remind you of the serenity, calmness and fresh air of a beige desert surrounded by blue rivers and waterfalls. Oh, the beauty of nature.

3. Sofia Beige

Creating an ambience that oozes comfort, calm, and relaxation in every corner comes easy with an installation of the Sofia Beige Marble by RK Marble. The dark clouds swirling over the almond dessert add a hypnotic charm and allure to the bedroom. After a long day at work, this is the kind of space you would want to relax in.


4. Claudia Crema Gold Variation 2

This particular Claudia Crema Marble variation has patterns that will remind you of a sandy beach after heavy rain. If you are looking to add an unignorable character to your bedroom interiors, this is the stone you must pick. Who doesn’t love having a serene beach vibe in their bedroom, after all?

These are just a few of the widest range of imported marble flooring available at RK Marble; go visit the RK Marble store near you and explore more. After picking the best suitable marble for your bedroom, you might want to know the marble flooring price.

At RK Marble, you can find some of the best quality and aesthetically appealing bedroom marble flooring priced between the range of Rs. 350 and Rs. 1400 per square foot. Schedule a personal consultation and choose the marble flooring for your cosy bedroom today.