Marble Flooring Designs for Halls
Published on January 07, 2019.

Beautiful beginnings are hard to come by in the story of life. Things happen in an order that’s hard to make sense of, most of the times. But our quest to seek perfection makes those stories less messy, less entangled, whenever we reminisce about them. Thankfully, the stories of our homes can be differently written as they are set in stone and are a matter of choice instead of happenstances. The beginnings matter and so the entryway or the halls can be made as beautiful as we want them to be.

Luxurious and cosmopolitan, the halls adorned with marble flooring designs take your breath away with awe. The magnificence is made fluid with varying design choices and a clever combination of colours.

Here are a few ideas to ponder over:

1. Modern Mystery :-

Complex contemporary designs of floorings have swamped the magazine pages and any one of them can be chosen to create a perfect look to your hall. A mat of rhombic black tiles over a bordered white base can be used to set your hall, a class apart. Other options include abstract designs, mosaic plaques, linear artwork, etc.

2. Paving New Paths :-

Marble tiles are the hot new trend in the flooring designs. They not only are convenient to install but they leave a lot of scope for creativity to improvise the design scheme of the halls. You can have your tiles arranged in a square pattern or in a rhombic arrangement. The path so paved appears intriguing and leading to a fresh start.

3. Inlay Ideas :-

Gorgeous designs are formed when dark marble floors are created with artistic inlays of light marble. This sort of design offers endless possibilities depending upon the shape of your entryway and the availability of space in the hall. Dark blue or brown marble with beige inlays, or black marble with white inlays, create subtle ambience of urbanity.

Black & Gold Daytona and Aqua Marina

4. Greying at the Edges :-

Perhaps the most easy to install and most elegant to look at, is this pattern of  white marble in the centre with grey boundaries surrounding the white, both separated by a thin border of black marble. This mat like design can be created with the grey and white colours inverted as well. It creates a refined design that does not require much inputs and still comes out superior.

5. Staying Within the Lines :-

The most common hall design is the bordered flooring schemes. Borders of contrasting colours can be laid down in imaginative ways that calls to attention and brings the space to life with its coherence with the design scheme all around the house.

6. Parquet Pleasure :-

Each marble is like a snowflake. Unique. New. Diverse. Any marble can be cut in the form of longitudinal tiles and laid in the parquet pattern to create a style of hall flooring unique, only to you.  The parallel running veins can be optimised to appear nothing short of an artwork in such designs.

7. Simply Creative :-

Simplicity bespoke sophistication often rules the interior designing world. Plain halls with artistically veined marble of a colour that brings out the colours and décor of the surrounding area, boosts marvellous sentiments. Hang a stunning bowl chandelier. With honed finish, the satiny-silk sheen of the marble reflecting the soft light of the chandelier is applause to your choice of flooring scheme.


California Golden Grey Marble

8. Vatican Vintage :-

The charm of the good old Victorian days when elegant flooring were a matter of pride and honour, when churches saw architecture that defied technology of its time, has never faded. The beautiful halls with medallion and star shaped inlays in contrasting colours leave us open-mouthed even today. Such designs can be incorporated in large halls that have a lot of décor possibilities to play with.

Every space lovingly built, deserves all the perfection it can get. Apart from being robust, marble floors look decadent in all their glory. They set tones of interior decorations and create ambiences on their own. The halls are important parts of this journey and cannot be left ignored. They lend first impressions and hence need the precisionist attention to detail. Choose from the assortment the designs that, suit your ideas and live up to your aspirations of your dream space. Let the magic of marble flooring out!!