Timeless Marble Flooring Designs for Homes
Published on September 14, 2018.

Immaculate, elegant, glowing, durable – four reasons why marble flooring has been prized for centuries and has stayed in vogue all these years. But, for those who admire the perfection of details, flooring isn’t a simple matter of choosing the best stone and then letting the chips fall where they may as the installation process completes. Choosing the right marble flooring design is a difficult task but knowing your options is always a good idea. We bring you all the common and unique marble flooring designs that homes across the world flaunt so that informed decisions about floorings can be made.

Classic marble flooring designs for your home

Find Order in Borders

Black or brown borders against beige or white marble look suave and stylish. Different designs highlighting rooms and galleries are available. The oriental and royal look that these borders create makes walking on the floors seem equivalent to doing something really very important almost like,  making a grand and thrilling entry on the stage or making a scenic exit.

Contemporary textures in marble flooring designs

Look beyond the gleaming polished floors and explore surface finishes that add to your luxuriant space. However, textured marble flooring designs need to be applied with care. The unique designs like matte and honed marble can serve as a backdrop to bring out other furnishings of the interior décor.

A matching wall piece can be fashioned out of the same marble the floorings are done in and bordered with black marble to create minimalistic and modern décor. Match it with mahogany furniture and decorative showpieces that pop against the coloured marble to bring alive your home.

In the spotlight

Plain flooring with an artistic design at the centre has been the insignia of luxury for a very long time in the world of architecture and design. Medallions, star-shaped designs, or a swirling pattern of black and white marble all bring home the feeling of inspiring royalty. They serve as focal points and make floors look like a vision of Antoni Gaudí and his innovative designs, miniaturized in your home.

The Parquet Designs

The enchanting crisscross pattern of parquet appeals to your senses in more ways than just aesthetics. We love the order that they bring to the flooring designs. Using plain marble or combinations of different tones of the same colour of the marble you choose beautiful flooring designs following the geometric order can be designed.

Imitating the Imitators, Ceramic Tile Designs

Recently, ceramic tiles have been all the rage. With their low cost and eclectic designs, the preference for ceramic tiles is understandable. But the originality of marble and its fine gloss is unmatched. So, if you like tile designs, a combination of tile designs is available for you to choose from.

Hail Geometry!

Geometric designs are easier to implement and beautiful to look at. They make marble flooring interesting with newer designs that can be implemented segmentally in every corner of your home to give your floors the perfection you crave.

Checkered Floors

The black and white marble – or even black and beige checked floors are quite famous across the world. The easy installation and playful quality of these flooring designs make them popular in any open space across the home. Count 8 across and 8 down, and you may even play chess with large chess pieces.

Wooden Flooring - but, in marble

The wooden flooring designs can be implemented in marble as they are easier to maintain and more durable than wood. Striato marble flooring designs in beige marble with dark stripes across them and shades of brown marble can be used to create a better version of wooden floorings.

Combine different marble flooring designs

Coloured marble offers a variety of options for you to choose from. You can mix different shades in shiny geometric patterns and create a feast for the visual senses. The baroque-style furniture and opulent decoration can really bring out the charm of old-world days.



Which marble flooring design is your choice?

The various design possibilities that marble offers you are worth exploring. Figure out the floorings, listen to the whisper of perfection meant only for your ears, and go all out. Do not hesitate to experiment, because with marble and its beauty you are backed up and safe.  Waterfall designs, monotone, or textures and patterns that convey feelings straight to your heart, marble flooring designs look ideal in your homes.