Marble Flooring Designs for Kitchen
Published on December 10, 2018.

Depicting premium class, opulence and über-sophistication, marble is the textile of dreams when it comes to floorings. Each marble panel is unique and bespoke. Whether it be black-speckled or gold-streaked, with its ultimate aesthetics, timelessness and hygienic benefits, marble flooring in the kitchen is a fundamental must.

Let’s look at the design options that create a truly luxurious cooking and tasting space. 

1. The Match Maker’s Gift:

Create a kitchen awash in luxury exclusively delivered by marble. With the countertop matching the marble of your choice for the flooring scheme, build the illusion of a rather expanded space that benefits small kitchen areas. The apparent openness makes it less suffocating to work in such kitchens. Light coloured marble with accents raised in the colours of the veins of the marble, are a better fit for such spaces.

White Aurora Classico

2. The Islander’s Dream:

In this design an island can be integrated within a spacious kitchen to create a dreamy dining space. Convenient navigation around the island, ease of serving piping hot food and enjoying fun meal-times with family are an added bonus. A designer island with mitred edges in contrast with the plain marble flooring paired with a matching countertop, opposite to the island, grants the touch of geometric perfection.

3. High-End Escape:

Crisp white marble floorings in the kitchen signify the epitome of hygiene. Don’t let the maintenance scare you. Pair your designer marble flooring with a cantilevered kitchen island set in grey marble as an extension of the kitchen platform. You can hide the chairs in the space under the island and carve a suave, high-end eating space.

4. The Woodpecker’s Curse:

Brown marble set in styles that create a faux wooden flooring look would give your kitchen an ultra-stylish edge. The edge profile of your countertop can phenomenalise the way your kitchen appears. Opt from a motley of textures and designs and find the perfect fit for your kitchen. Create creative accents with startling marble colours that catch eye and instantly become the décor butterfly.

5. Monochrome Mind:

Imagine a kitchen with a textured wall set in black-speckled white marble, gleaming white floors and black upholstered metal dining chairs set in white frames against a flawless white marble table. Set all your dilemmas aside and let the magic of a monochromatic kitchen swathe your cooking space. Don’t shy away from using marble in dark colours like, black, brown and blue for this purpose. Because of their inherent gloss, with appropriate lighting, darker shades of marble create an intimate dining space for spending quality time with your loved ones.

Wonder White

6. Modern Flags:

Taupe is the crowning jewel of modern interiors. White tiled flooring design with taupe coloured geometric inlays will create a picture perfect kitchen that sets the cooking mood right. For more colour in the kitchen, get your cabinetry painted in taupe. All this type of kitchen asks is for a minimalist’s vision and chrome dining chairs. Hang a jellyfish chandelier over your island and get the interior that cheers 21st Century.

7. Bold in Gold:

Gold accents against beige marble flooring are a rare combination that only the bold and artistic of us allow themselves to imagine. The homely feel of the soft-lit appearance of such kitchens is unparalleled. Choose a brown marble with gold veins running across the surface to grace your countertop. For a rather baroque touch, let the edge profile be inventive and inspired.

8. Splashback Swag:

Splashbacks are the most common kind of countertops we see around us. Pushed far back, attached to one of the walls, splashbacks are made more for utilitarian purposes than their decorative uses. Clean, straight edge profile can be highlighted with a contrast coloured edge return that takes the colour of the floors. Geometric patterns can be chosen to adorn the kitchen floors with easy elegance.

As you eat, so will your mind be, is a saying that has its roots in the importance of having correct, positive thoughts when you cook or eat. The place that is responsible for catering to your appetite and health deserves to be designed in a fashion that leads to a good mood furnished by correct ambience. Choose from the variety of marble flooring designs for kitchen, the best combination that serves as a perfect fit for your kitchen.