Marble Interiors: A Living Legacy in Your Home
Published on August 24, 2022.

Being used in architectural monuments, buildings and home interiors for centuries, marble has become the first choice of renowned architects and interior designers who strive to deliver projects that add value to the aesthetics and elegance of the spaces they design. Homeowners are often inclined towards purchasing this natural beauty to adorn their homes with minimalism, elegance, and luxury. This timeless beauty offers durability that is both remarkable and rewarding. Trends and fad design elements may take over the interior design industry temporarily, but marble has been consistent with authenticity, durability, and timeless beauty; it won’t be wrong to say that even though trends come and go, marble for interior design is the one trend that is here to stay!

Have a Look at Few Marble Designs for Home:

1. The Statuario marble:

an even rarer and highly appealing variant of the white Statuario marble spectrum, with an astounding spotless pure white foundation with perfectly balanced masterful bold crispness and veins in grey, significantly enhancing the interior or decorative elements. The stone amplifies and complements the overall aesthetic of the space. Known for its simplistic appearance, this stone, when used as marble flooring and paired with chic furniture pieces, can add value to the aesthetics of your premises like no other.

2. The Brown Earth:

The Brown Earth marble, which replicates the calm but convivial waters of Rio’s coastline, entices you to loosen up. A serene interior setting is enhanced by its fluid stillness. This brown marble not only brings you closer to nature, but it also effortlessly becomes the focal point of your home.

3. The Light Emperador Golden:

The brown marble is fascinated by a diaphanous veining of white and gold, offering the space a discreetly rich setting. This Light Emperador marble is incredibly versatile and can be employed for flooring, cladding, kitchen countertops, and other applications. While the application is one point to consider while purchasing this exquisite beauty, its distinctive appearance is the main drool-worthy element for installation in your treasured space.

4. The Magma Gold Travertine:

The Magma Gold Travertine marble is a sublime earthy gorgeousness that is a delicately beautiful piece of stone for your unconventional wall cladding. The diffusive brown spinning through the fizzing white veins adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to your interior design. Its alluring beauty when illuminated with artistic chandeliers or lamps can work the magic that is heavenly and out-of-this-world.


5. The Siena Broccato:

Siena Broccato marble is a peculiar stone with an eye-catching motif. Bright and uplifting colours are adorned throughout the space by yellow foam that comes to the fore out of a grey chasm. This yellow marble is the only distinctive masterpiece you need in your residence, whether you aim to add drama or desire to create a space that is talked about and cherished for generations.

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