Marble or tile: which flooring is best?
Published on November 05, 2020.

Marble and Tiles both possesses a number of unique characteristics in terms of aesthetics, strength and durability. Though both may seem to be the great options when it comes to flooring but making a conscious decision is important as getting your flooring changed is a challenging and tedious task. The installation of any material for flooring requires greater attention and is time-consuming in comparison to execution of other tasks as flooring requires detailed planning and deliberation. Flooring solely being the greatest attraction within an interior is bound to impress or disappoint as wrong decision for flooring could prove out to be extremely daunting.

Unlike the natural stone marble, tiles are prepared from a mixture of materials especially cement and concrete and are shaped in various forms and comes in a range of sizes varying in thickness. Tiles comes in glazed or unglazed forms and are manufactured in different colours and appearance. Primarily tiles are specially designed for outdoor areas keeping in mind its anti-skid, anti-bacteria, and non-fading characteristics. Tiles are also preferred for its easy maintenance and anti-absorbent properties making it more intact and sturdy.


Marble being a natural stone is extremely popular for its aesthetics and premium appeal. With charming characteristics and luxurious opulence, marble is an ultimate choice for villas, hotels, temples and commercial projects, amongst others. Possessing high lustre and smooth finesse, marble is highly popular for remarkable interior design concepts as it provides a greater scope of creating a desired atmosphere and ambience. Based upon the requirements, preferences and expectations, marble is considered as an ultimate option for application at most of the areas of attraction within a property. R K Marble product portfolio comprises marble offerings ranging from imported premium to Indian to rarest of souvenirs, which are truly perceived as an insignia of luxury. Due to its high cost, marble is preferred usually by the affluent class for embellishing their homes and offices. Spaces like hall, bedroom, living room and kitchen are the greatest attractions, which demands enhancement for amplification of the aesthetic appeal of the interior.

In comparison to tiles, marble is surely a best choice for flooring as the natural designs and texture in a range of colours helps bring an elegant or luxurious appeal, elevating the overall outlook of the interior. Some of the other major characteristics of marble that makes it a first-choice of Architects and Designers are high durability, rich lustre, luminosity, translucency and resistance to scratches and fire.