Marble or tiles: Which is better for health?
Published on August 13, 2021.

Two of the most popular flooring choices in India, both marble and tile flooring present considerable advantages to home-owners. However, only one of these is conclusively better for your health.

Which flooring is better for your health: Marble or Tiles?


Marble flooring (or other natural stones like granite) is better for those who want to minimize the risk of allergies. Tiles and the thick grout lines between them can be open allergen traps that are quite difficult to clean and get rid of – especially in humid areas.

On the other hand, marble that is sealed and maintained well over the years keeps dust and allergens like pollen, pet dander, and more away, making your home the safe haven that it’s supposed to be.

Please note: Carefully consider the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the grout, sealant, and adhesives used during installation and adjust your product selections according to your needs.

Germs and microbes:

Well-processed and sealed marble keeps microbes at bay with common household disinfectants. While marble doesn’t harbour bacteria and other microbes, all surfaces need to be disinfected regularly to maintain impeccable hygiene. Mop your marble flooring with a non-acidic, ammonia-free, phosphate-free liquid cleanser every once in a while to keep surfaces safe.

The pores and the grout between the tile slabs, on the other hand, are much more difficult to clean. A study reveals that tiles not only collect dust but also the particulate matter that can be harmful, especially to children.

Joint stress and pain:

Vitrified tiles are extremely hard, cold, and unyielding. They have been known to cause unnecessary stress on joints and subsequently joint pains. This is true for not only humans but also pets. Furthermore, marble, being a natural stone, is a softer material. As it tends to remain cool, it is better for warmer climates.

Anti-slip and anti-skid finishes are available for marble which ensures that you can enjoy sophisticated, smooth flooring without risking accidents. Contrarily, rough finishes on the tiles may trap more dust and dirt while also compromising the lustrous, artistic appeal.

Avoid joint pain with marble flooring

Marble is clearly better for your health in the long run. So why is joint pain a common complaint among residents who spend most of their days standing or walking? Joint pain can be attributed to many factors, such as age, or glossy flooring polish which doesn’t allow for good grip. Here are a few tips which can help you avoid joint pain without compromising your overall health:

  • Opt for matte or anti-slip finishes on your marble flooring.
  • Wear comfortable slippers with a good grip indoors (irrespective of the type of flooring).
  • Include food rich in Omega-3s fatty acids and essential minerals into your diet. (Please consult your doctor if you have a pre-existing condition.)

Final verdict: Is marble better than tiles?

Marble flooring has long been a symbol of luxury and affluence. Its health benefits make it the unrivalled choice for prudent homeowners.

Tiles are cheaper, but they may come at a cost you shall not wish to pay. Marble is clearly better for your loved ones and your health.