Top 6 Marble Trends in 2022
Published on January 05, 2022.

Trends in the marble industry usually don’t undergo a massive revolution every year, like furniture or home paint colours. Yet, keeping up with the marble trends can be the difference between a vintage, a contemporary and an evergreen home design.

2021 underlined for us the importance of home. Let’s see what 2022 may have in store for us.

Top Marble Trends to watch in 2022:

Natural elements & biophilic design

You can look forward to more natural elements indoors in 2022. Whether it’s in the form of plants, natural furnishings or vibrant natural art like marble and exotic granites – sustainable and natural beauty will rule the homes in 2022. Creating a sensory connection with nature and enjoying calming environment at home will never go out of style.

Minimalism and sustainability

Conscious consumption is here to stay – and it’s going beyond the wardrobe and accessories. People are choosing longer lasting materials such as marble and granite over tiles with short lifespan.

Additionally, the minimalistic home interiors afford luxurious views of vast expanses of the marble flooring and wall cladding – a memorable treat to the eyes.


Keeping consistent with the shade of the decade, monotone is ruling the interior décor. Given the vast varieties of shades – and the different stones in the matching colour palette that are available now, monochrome without tedium can be realised as easily as you can think it. Whether its blissful beige, gorgeous grey or winsome white, marble makes the monotone memorable.


The pandemic brought us closer to our friends and family, our home, and ourselves. And it made us realize that the joys of life are ephemeral – and each occasion must be celebrated with vivacity and verve. And adding a dash of theatrics to the interiors make you feel like savouring every day.

That splash of joy may be in the form of an art installation or a slab of natural art such as exotic granites or backlit quartzite.

Seamless lighting

Great lighting makes great homes. In 2022, more and more homes will feature interesting lighting. The ethereal glow from the backlit quartzite will overshadow the modest lamps and spotlights reflecting off of gleaming marble flooring and cladding may overthrow the good old light bulb.

Personal spaces

Now, we will be focusing more on the spaces we use for ourselves instead of investing only in beautifying the living room and guest rooms. Use of marble and other natural stones in home-offices, study rooms for children, kitchens and dining areas, and even bedrooms will become a norm – since these are the spaces where you make most of your fond memories.

Common theme in marble trends 2022

All these marble trends 2022 point at one thing – an everlasting amalgamation of personal styles and natural elements. When it comes to premium quality marble, the stone itself is evergreen but its applications change to accommodate the trends – and the generations’ interests.

Combining styles and daring to incorporate different colours, textures and materials is the next normal. And everlasting marble inevitably becomes the glue that stitches together the past and the future. Now and always.