Marble vs. Wooden Flooring: Which One Is Good for You?
Published on November 15, 2022.

The most important aspect of planning and designing your dream home is the flooring. The flooring of your sumptuous residence can define the aesthetic and character of your choice of design while also adding functionality to the space. You must select a flooring material that goes well with your personality, home aesthetic, functionality of the space, and is easy to maintain. While marble flooring is often the first pick of aesthete homeowners and skilful home designers, people also choose wooden flooring to adorn their homes with. Modern home interiors require the application of materials that are not just durable but also create a distinctive, aesthetically appealing aesthetic in the space.

Picking the right material for flooring, that is, whether marble or wood, often depends on certain aspects such as the aesthetic appeal of the residence, durability, area of use, and most importantly, maintenance. Floor maintenance can turn into a nightmare if you don’t pay enough attention to the reasons to invest in a particular flooring material.

If you are confused between a sumptuous marble design for floor and an aesthetically appealing wooden flooring design, we’ve got your back. This article will help you decide whether to pick a floor marble design for house or to go for a wooden flooring aesthetic. Here’s everything you need to know about the two flooring materials—

Marble floor design for home

We are all aware that white marble floor design has been admired by millions all across the globe, and why not? Marble has been the most coveted material by renowned architects and interior designers because of its timeless aesthetic appeal, impeccable durability, and incredible qualities. Even though this natural stone has been in use for centuries, the trust and reliability of the latest marble flooring design options have only kept its popularity on the rise. Let’s take a look at what marble for home has to offer—

1. Maintenance: Marble is probably the easiest choice you can make considering its ease of maintenance. You can get it repolished after a few years if you desire to restore its lustre. To maintain the marble surface, all you have to do is wipe it with a clean cloth every day to keep it clean. We recommend you wipe away any spills instantly to prevent staining, because marble is a porous material and can easily get stained if not cleaned immediately.

You can use this material in any space, from kitchen countertops and flooring to walls and floors in any room of your residence.

2. Appearance and durability: Marble is a natural stone with an out-of-this-world beauty. It is available in a myriad of colours; black, white, grey, beige, pink; you name it, we’ve got it! Its durability, on the other hand, cannot be compared to any other material. With proper maintenance and care, marble flooring can last for generations.

Wooden floor design for home

Wooden flooring has recently received immense attention considering the increasing demands of aesthete homeowners to add unique design elements to their homes. While adding wooden flooring to your home will increase the elegance of the space, its qualities are often overlooked. Let’s take a look at what wooden flooring for home can do for you.

1. Maintenance: It is simple to maintain wooden flooring on a daily basis. To eliminate dirt and dust from the surface, you should clean it with extreme care – a vacuum cleaner and a damp mop are the bare minimum. The main problem with a wooden flooring design is that the wooden floors are not water or moisture resistant, so you must clean any excess water on the surface immediately.

Using wood for flooring is often discouraged in areas of heavy traffic, such as living rooms, to prevent scratches. On such floors, you must not even drag any furniture. You must get your wooden floors repolished every 4 to 5 years.

2. Appearance and durability: Wooden flooring can easily make the space appear voguish, but its durability is not as remarkable as marble. Wooden flooring can become a problem over time as it cannot resist moisture or water and easily promotes microbial growth.

To get to the point, marble is far superior to wooden flooring due to its out-of-this-world beauty, wide range of applications, incredible durability, and unrivalled resistance to water and heat. If you are looking for a place to buy the best marble for home, RK Marble is the place for you. RK Marble is undoubtedly the best marble manufacturer in Rajasthan – and India, offering incredible masterpieces of marble such as the Statuario Variations, Michael Angelo Variations, Belgium Black Marble, Exotic Granites and many more natural wonders.

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