Modern living room design ideas: with Timeless Marble
Published on August 23, 2022.

A premise becomes a home when you embrace every bit and corner of the space with love and pride. An architect or interior designer aims to carefully craft a design plan that reflects the personality, taste in fashion, and elegance of the residents living in the home. Often, this design plan has a foundation based on the use of marble in the interior décor.

Marble is the most coveted natural stone of an architect or interior designer owing to its timeless beauty, durability and the ability to enhance the elegance and aesthetic appeal of any space it is installed in. If you are looking forward to creating a timeless, state-of-the-art kind of residence that will be talked about for generations, you must be considering this megastar of nature for your home. While marble application in any space is destined to be a perfect choice, marble for living room is just something out-of-the-world design element for your luxurious home.

Marble for living room designs

The living room, more than any other room in a typical residence or apartment, inspires artistry and the desire for experimentation. If you embrace contemporary design, a revolution in fashion that was established at the beginning of the 20th century and is rooted in the belief that structure follows function, then this might sound familiar to you. Each component in a modern setting must serve a specific function and be distinguished by sleek lines, neutral tones, and simple styling. The marble design in hall is just another way to enhance and embrace the aesthetics of your living room while also amping up the elegance of your opulent home.

Let’s get a glimpse of modern living room design ideas you can take inspiration from in case you are planning to bring the masterpiece marble stone into your space –

Class on the floor

A marble floor living room is a classic way to incorporate the timeless beauty of this natural stone into your designer, luxurious home. You can pair your living room Italian marble with beautiful illuminating chandeliers and metallic floor lamps. Add a traditional touch to the space by adding a side table topped with books and magazines.

The essence of the accent pieces

Accent pieces never go out of style, especially if you are hooked on collecting art pieces that add value to your living space aesthetic. You can even add accent pieces such as marble flower pots or magazine stands in the living area.

The wall and the floor in duet

While some people do like to use marble for both walls and floors at the same time, such a space rather ends up looking cold and unadorned. You can instead opt for marble for either the wall or the floor, which perfectly blends the traditional design approach with contemporary interior design. The latest marble flooring design is about using contrasting colours for walls and floors to bring out an out-of-the-box aesthetic element. Some homeowners go over the top by bringing in black backsplashes to partner with white marble flooring.

Stoned furniture and the elements of nature

Stoned furniture, such as marble centre tables, is so in trend, plus they serve the purpose of being eye-pleasing and functional at the same time. You can add small plants to the space to create an aesthetic inspired by biophilic design, which has recently become popular in the design industry.

Minimalism paired with drama

How can someone possibly blend minimalism with drama? Easy! On subtle marble flooring, add colour-popping furniture pieces of exotic granite highlight patterns. This will not only highlight each corner of the space perfectly, but will also incorporate contemporary design with a touch of tradition.

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