Natural Stones for a Minimalist Approach
Published on November 15, 2022.

The rage about minimalistic interior design has left no soul unaware of its supremacy. Masterly architects and interior designers frequently prefer a minimalist approach to designing extraordinary residences for their aesthete clients. With a myriad of informative articles and social media posts about interior design trends appearing on our screens almost frequently, you are bound to feel overwhelmed about how to incorporate a minimalist approach into your home. Sure, it sounds exciting, but is there a perfect way to design a home with minimalism with no design element taking the wrong turn?

Yes! There is! Consider this article as a 101 for your minimalism-inspired home décor.

The golden rule of a home designed with a minimalist approach is that “less is more”. The monochromatic palette, clean lines, and simplicity of the design define minimalist home décor. Blending well with contemporary design elements, a minimalist design serves as a perfect combo of an open floor plan, functional furniture, and lots of natural light beaming throughout the space.

The primary step to creating an extraordinary minimalist home décor is to select high-quality materials that stand out from the crowd. A statement piece oozing elegance that speaks for itself. Natural stones such as imported granite or white marble stone, for example, are such spectacular elements that can turn heads effortlessly.

The collaboration of natural stone and minimalism has been the talk of the town in the design industry for quite a while now. Wait! Are you considering designing your residence in a minimalistic style but don’t know how to get started?

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Pair the natural stone surface with a contrasting or complementing colour scheme of the home décor elements.
  2. Choose one that will go well with any type of furniture. For starters, natural stones in white, beige, or grey colours are excellent for any design aesthetic, so you can begin to choose a marble stone from this colour palette.
  3. Pick imported marble or granite stone that can easily serve as the showstopper of the space.

Here is an entire home designed with a minimalist approach using some of the finest natural stones RK Marble has to offer—take inspiration from it.

1. Lavish Living Room

This living room gracefully oozes elegance and luxury in every inch. The mystique of golden lava bending and breaking along the edges of the bluish-grey Zion stone makes the space appear truly out of this world. Pair this stellar granite stone with a white-coloured contemporary sofa set and a stunning centre table. Voila! That’s all you need to do to make the space appear extraordinarily beautiful with an open floor, a beautiful colour combination, and functional furniture. You can purchase more such granite stones at RK Marble at a granite marble price ranging between Rs.80/-and Rs.900/-per square foot.

2. Breathtaking Bedroom

Your home’s bedroom is the space you most look forward to relaxing in after a long day at work. You want this space to feel comfortable, spacious and elegant. This is when you need to adopt a minimalist approach. The Brescia Aurora marble has a rare and beautiful pattern of beige and white with hints of red sprinkled throughout the surface. The lighter tones of the stone make the space appear expansive, while its unique pattern adds character to the aesthetics of your bedroom. You can explore the exceptional marble collection offered to you by RK Marble and find more such stunning stones. The marble stone price here ranges between Rs.40/-and Rs.700/-per square foot, making your home designing process pocket-friendly for you.

3. Elegant Kitchen

An elegant kitchen consists of two things: a fabulous natural stone for flooring and countertops and super-functional kitchen cabinets. In the image above, the beige surface of the Crema Valencia marble stone is paired with kitchen cabinets in a darker shade of beige. A minimalist approach incorporated into this busy space of your opulent residence can do wonders if you pick the right stone. While marble stone, as such, is great for kitchen space, you can also choose granite stone for kitchen. It is easier to maintain, looks phenomenal, and offers great durability too.

4. Tasteful Dining Area

Just like the living room, bedroom, and kitchen space, the dining area of your house must be carefully crafted using the finest natural stones. The above interior design is inspired by minimalism and has used a perfect combination of Grey Rio and Marina Pearl by RK Marble. All you need is a keen interest in contemporary design to create such an exceptional space.

5. Soothing Bathroom

Doesn’t this bathroom space look breathtaking? Michael Angelo Variation 13 by RK Marble has been used to create this elegant space. Creating a soothing, calming, and relaxing ambience in the space, this masterpiece of nature, has been paired with black, silver, and white bathroom accessories and accent pieces.

If a minimalist approach is what you have your heart set on, wait no more! Visit the RK Marble store and pick out your favourite natural stone now!