Pros and Cons of Marble Flooring
Published on October 19, 2020.

Marble flooring being the only greatest attraction and the sole defining element within an interior not only draws but captivates the attention of visitors. Marble being loud on aesthetics has always been the subject of admiration and appreciation. Acting as a foundation for brilliant interior design concepts by architects or interior designers, marble flooring is perceived as an ultimate choice that compliments the other décor and furnishing elements. Marble is truly one of the most precious gifts of nature and is visually striking due to its genuine and realistic natural beauty.

The choice of marble application purely depends upon the budget and preferences. Being a natural stone unlike most other materials, marble is irresistibly incredible but has a number of drawbacks that could affect your decision of considering installation of marble for flooring.

To help you make an informed decision prior to your decision of choosing marble, we bring to you a quick reference guide stating certain pros and cons that may facilitate a wiser judgement.



Unmatched Elegance

Marble being a natural stone possesses a high degree of sophistication that is inevitably intriguing. What makes marble distinctively unique is the amazing blend of veins, swirls, patterns and texture that creates an extraordinary effect across the interior.


The most exclusive feature that makes marble stand out is the exclusivity of designs and shades. Especially, the exquisite range of imported marble fascinates with its excellent grandeur and opulence. The range features offerings available in a range of colours varying in intensity from subtle to bold that brings a touch of creativity and uniqueness. The spectacular aesthetics, finesse and lustre of the marble continues to be the only defining factor for decision of choosing marble over tiles.

Easy Maintenance

To maintain the beauty of the marble and prevent flooring from stains causing permanent marks and loss of colour, a high quality sealer is required to be applied at least once a year. The timely application of sealer protects the marble by forming a shield barrier.



Less Durable

Low durability is one of the major drawbacks of marble flooring as considering the its porosity, marble is prone to permanent staining and damage from acidic spills. The substances may result in permanent discolouration and loss of lustre. Besides that, marble is extremely brittle making it highly sensitive for breakage from very heavy objects.

Expert Supervision

Installation of marble for flooring may seem to be simple but is extremely challenging. Perfect installation of marble necessarily requires expertise of experts. The installation procedure of marble is properly executed only through specific specialized equipment. The procedure is a precision-based task that demands detailed expert deliberation and supervision.

High on Cost

As extraction of marble involves heavy machinery and is a labour-intensive task, marble is prized considering all aspects from extraction to finalization into an end product. Marble being available in a range of exquisite designs, colors, patterns and texture is prized for its extraordinary beauty and elegance that makes it an ultimate swanky and luxurious option.