Quartzite: Is This Stone Still in Trend?
Published on November 15, 2022.

Often mistaken for a marble stone, the stunning quartzite is a must-have addition for your home interiors as it can amp up the elegance and functionality of your residence in no time. Thanks to its unparalleled beauty and incredible characteristics, quartzite stone has received immense popularity in the design industry lately. What’s the hottest trend today? Quartzite for home!

Trends in the natural stone industry are often on the move and change frequently in the world of interior design and architecture, considering the ever-changing, contemporary design aesthetics admired by aesthete homeowners and skilful home designers.

The quartzite stone, however, has proven to be the one that will never go out of style. While picking the best marble for home might be your first choice considering its timeless beauty, aesthete homeowners today, having fine taste in fashion and a keen interest in contemporary interiors, select quartzite for countertops, accent walls, and other applications in their homes. Sounds hard to believe? Well, we’ve got you a few reasons why this is the beloved natural stone of millions and is here to remain in trend for years:

1. It Has the Appearance of Marble

Despite being widely admired for its timeless elegance, marble does have some drawbacks when compared to quartzite. Considering the similarity in appearance, you can easily replace marble with quartzite to adorn your home with a stunning masterpiece of nature. White quartzite, in particular, appears strikingly similar to white marble stone while being far more durable.

2. Impeccable Durability

Quartzite is considered one of the most durable natural stones on the globe. In fact, it is more resistant to wear and tear than granite, which is recognised for its strength and resilience. Besides its superior durability, quartzite is also less porous, having a higher density in comparison to other natural stones such as marble and granite.

3.Incredible Resistance to Stains, Abrasions, and Chemical Agents

Since calcium takes up a lion’s share in the making of marble but appears to be lacking in quartzite, this stone turns out to be acid resistant, making it impossible for oranges, lemons, as well as common household acidic cleaners to etch its surfaces. Also, as long as the surface of your stone is sealed, it will remain stain-free for years. This natural stone possesses chemical, stain, and abrasion resistance values that are comparable to those of artificial porcelain, making it perfect for countertops.

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4. Minimal Maintenance

Quartzite is a low-maintenance stone for kitchen countertops. Although there are multiple kinds of quartzite surfaces with various porosity levels, overall maintenance remains lower than for practically any other natural stone surface. When it comes to maintaining a quartzite surface, remember to invest in a pH-balanced soap to clean the surface to avoid causing damage to its finish.

5. A wide range of colour options

While there are many colour options for quartzite, they are fewer than man-made materials for understandable reasons. Yet, quartzite is an exotic stone that is widely loved for being one-of-a-kind and delivers unparalleled charm. Have you fallen in love with quartzite but also want to add colour to your space? Don’t worry! While you may find quartzite in basic colours like white or cream by browsing the market, RK Marble offers a wide range of quartzite colours like grey, pink, and green sourced from various parts of the world. This proves that while recognised as one of the most trusted marble manufacturers in India, RK Marble stands among the best when it comes to supplying the most distinctive natural stones available on the market today.

6. Cost Efficient in Comparison to Other Natural Stones

Even though quartzite does not come cheap when compared to other natural stones, it is still cost-efficient when compared to the marble price of certain classic Italian marble stones. You can easily find quartzite stones best suited to your pocket and style at RK Marble.

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