Should you use marble in exterior wall cladding?
Published on November 15, 2022.

Marble is a timeless beauty admired by millions of people for centuries. Its remarkable durability, unrivalled aesthetic appeal, and variety of applications in homes, workspaces, and the finest architectural facades make it the stone of choice for about every renowned architect and interior designer. Most coveted by masterly home designers and aesthete homeowners, imported marble is often an element of first preference in the designing and creation of peculiar yet extraordinarily elegant spaces.

Picking the best marble for home today is more than just installing a piece of natural stone in the residence; the entire process is a perfect amalgamation of the homeowner’s emotional journey of designing their dream home, finding a stone that matches their home’s interior aesthetic, a stone that makes a statement on its own and serves to be functional enough, and installing it in the space to introduce distinction and old-world charm.

Natural stone for enthralling exterior wall cladding

The exterior elevation serves as the primary spot for the expression of your taste in design and to leave lasting impressions on the guests. This elevation can add grandeur and finesse to any structure. Natural stone is among the most popular materials for exterior walls. The brilliance of natural stone cladding gives any space a customised and unique artistic value.

While offering the best quality marble from our exceptional marble collection, we often come across clients who don’t just want marble design for wall just in the interiors but also for exterior wall cladding. Are you considering using marble for home exteriors too?

Should you use marble for exterior wall cladding?

In a word—No! Marble can be used for the exterior wall cladding of your luxurious residence but it will call for a lot of care and maintenance. And you should not expect its usual lifespan of decades in an exterior application – especially with factors like pollution, extreme temperature fluctuations, etc.

Marble is a softer stone, more prone to etching and staining, and is not suitable for heavy cladding on the exterior of your home. Considering its unparalleled aesthetic appeal and incredible durability, it will be perfect for your home interiors and will only help you elevate the elegance of the space. For the interiors, you can either visit the RK Marble near you or buy marble online through the RK Marble website. Here, you can find some of the finest marble stones such as Statuario Variations, Brescia Aurora, Alaska Grey, Renoir, Black & Gold Daytona, Blue Onyx, Pink Onyx, and many more…

However, for the exterior walls of your home, you can invest in some more suitable natural stones like granite and travertine. Let’s know more about the two—


Granite is widely recognised for its strength, durability, and the permanence of its texture and colour. It is a coarse-grained natural stone composed of interlocking crystals. Imported granite is among the most prominent construction materials for both interior and exterior cladding installations owing to its unique colours & patterns.

This spectacular natural stone is both simple to maintain and visually arresting. Despite their dark colour, these stones add charm and finesse to the exterior of a residence. Granite wall cladding safeguards your residence while also transforming it into something contemporary and tasteful. This stone flawlessly serves both the functionality and design aspects of the space.


Travertine is a rare find which has garnered attention due to its elegant, rustic appearance as well as excellent durability. With travertine stone, you can easily add a unique design to the exterior of your residence. The colour of this stone does not fade once sealed and endures the test of time.

The best part about installing travertine for your home exterior is that it is slip-resistant owing to its porosity. This is why you can use it not just for wall cladding but also for patio flooring. How great is that?

Whether you want marble for home interiors or granite and travertine for exterior wall cladding, RK Marble has everything you will ever need to design the home of your dreams. Make your dreams come to reality with RK Marble natural stones.