The Different Uses of Granite At Home
Published on July 29, 2022.

Selecting the right slabs and stones for the flooring and walls of your newly designed home can be stressful. Whether it is granite for home or a type of marble, you want it to perfectly fit into your space. Granite has been in use for millennia as a symbol of power, endurance, and durability. Although granite has been most widely used for countertops, flooring, and bathrooms, it exotic granites may be used in several other areas of the residence to draw the awestruck eyes of your guests.

Granite marble can also be used in landscape gardens to design classic masterpieces and truly unique decorative elements. The best thing about imported granite is that its maintenance is relatively simple if managed carefully. Using granite for house interior decoration is a very suitable way to spruce up the residence.

There are a number of granite uses in home decor available to complement or further accentuate the diverse requirements of the interior or exterior of the home. Why limit yourself to using granite for countertops when you can use it in various other unconventional ways throughout the elegant spaces of your opulent home? RK Marble offers a variety of imported granite to decorate your premises and distinctively glam up multiple spaces in your home. Here are the different uses of granite for home:

The Granite TV Wall

The Belvedere Granite by RK Marble escalates the elegance of this entertainment and living space. Gleaming silver and greyish waves trimmed through the pitch black background make this home granite the best choice for glamming up your interior design.

The Granite Floor

This variation of the Monte Bianco granite is a captivating and serene hue to elevate your interiors. Capturing the artwork of glimmering darkness adorning the pristine sea, this masterpiece makes your space look expensive, bright and elegant. This stone proves that granite flooring can be a subtle way of flaunting minimalism and luxury.

The Granite stone for kitchen

On a blanket of soft white waves, the Vibranium granite is adorned with vibrant dark strokes. Amplify the elegance of this space by installing kitchen slab granite flooring alongside the same stoned countertop. Granite is the perfect solution for kitchen countertops because it is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance.

The granite bathroom

A statement piece, such as the Blue Bahia by RK Marble, will add to the beauty of your bathroom space. The Blue Bahia is an intriguing piece of stone, a melange of blue shades gushing with exuberance and splendor. Its vague and random blue designs are eye-catching and lend the stone, the perfectly imperfect texture. Granite tends to make any room in the house appear elegantly magnificent, but using it in the bathroom, especially, radiates a soothing, positive atmosphere.

The Granite Dining Table

Granite dining tables are the most distinctive and stunning showstoppers for your dining room. The vibrant granite options make this space appear vibrant, happening, and stunning. While RK Marble brings hundreds of granite options to choose from, Gaya is a breathtaking, exotic natural stone that casts a shadow of lush greenery, greyish streams, and white snow—ideal for designing a debonair jade surface.

If you are looking to create a space that looks exotic, incredibly beautiful and elevates the luxury quotient, explore the imported granite collection at RK Marble and make your dreams come true. One purchase will last a lifetime, adding glamour to your opulent residence.