The King of Indian Marble: Wonder White
Published on September 14, 2018.

India is long been known as the land of the eighth wonder of the world- the Taj Mahal. Dignified as the symbol of love, The Taj is celebrated as the most unique architectural phenomenon of our times. The architecture of The Taj Mahal is made more ethereal by the use of the pristine white marble that hails from the mines of Makrana, Rajasthan.

Rajasthan, in India, is gifted with the top quality of marble there is in the world. Of all these marble mines, R K Marble owns the best of quarries at Banswara. Wonder White, the leading brand of Indian Marble, brought to the marble world, hails from these abundant mines of Banswara.

Create Architectural Wonders with Wonder White:

The process of creating beautiful architectural masterpieces that orient the direction of the designing world involves the most innovative design plans backed by the usage of the most beautiful construction material. R K Marble offers the only quality branded marble in the name of Wonder White. Since its first slabs were quarried, Wonder White has been the final piece of the puzzle that brings glory and grandeur to visions of architects across the globe.

White as the colour of undispersed light, pristine as innocence, Wonder White adds a character to wherever it is applied. Available in six variants, one more beautiful than the other with designs like wisps of scattered cottony soft grey clouds, like soft touches of billowing smoke, or the essence of the musk of the earth captured, the seeds of creation themselves fixed in stone for an eternity in contrast with the white background, Wonder White is the foremost choice of the designers.  Check out the proof of our claims for yourself and verify that Wonder White stands true to all its promises:

The Singular Style of the Marble:

The most unique of designs are available in marble and this is the artistic blessing of mother nature that no two marble are alike. Their indigenous patterns make it convenient for the most spectacular of layouts in the designing projects be it exterior or interior. The floorings look exquisite, the facades closer to perfection than possible with any other marble and the accents catch attention and lend lazy elegance to the interiors that one cannot help but be bewitched by the beauty of the Wonder White variant of Indian Marble offered by R K Marble.

Unfettered Access to Perfection:

Sometimes, the subtleties bring another kind of charm to the ambience of an interior so much so that it appears as if these subtle touches of perfection are the life-force of the interior. The soft designs on the variants of the Wonder White tend to do exactly that. As much as they bring the interiors alive, they also remarkably stand for the purity of the marble that R K Marble makes available to their customers. More the variegation or the veins on the surface of the marble, more the level minerals other than the carbonates, that is, more the impurity. The chaste white of Wonder White is a beckoning beacon that glorifies the quality of the marble. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that of all the Indian Marble variants, Wonder White is the most recommended marble and a true brand in its own entity. Behold the perfection within your reach:


Talk of the Town Finish:

The excellence of any Indian or Imported Marble comes across for a laymen after the processes of sanding and finishing are quite done. It requires no expert to judge the superior quality and estimate the gleaming finish that could be expected after the finishing process when it comes to Wonder White. Lustrous in even its mined form, this marble dazzles its beholders after that honing process. The finish is so magnificent that it makes any building project glittering with its application, the most certain talk of the town!

The key to building your own Taj is simply one correct choice away. Invest in any variant of Wonder White and see your dreams scape come alive on the grounds of reality. The splendour, the luxury and the simplified elegance that binds sophistication to the beauty of your place, will unquestionably create a space that becomes your happy place without further ado. Cherish the beauty and live a life, luxury led!