The Knight of Spaces: Black Marble
Published on September 14, 2018.

The majority of us have a penchant for the colour black. It whispers alluring tales to our minds and captures our attention like no other. The use of colour black in the interiors has often brought them to a renewed life. The sheer brilliance of the contrast makes everything around the colour black appear to be visually heightened. Let us see what black marble is and how it can be useful in decorating interiors.

About Black Marble:

The truest of black marble appears in the shade of jet black due to the compositions of carbon in the basic calcium carbonate structure. It is indeed a beauty worth beholding. Veins and shells of white, gold and startling brown dance across the surface of black making its beauty mesmerising. The black marble is brittle and therefore needs to be worked predominantly with blades and grinders so as to smoothen out the imperfections. Rasps, fine burrs and chisels are used for enhancing the details in the design.

Advantages of using Black Marble:

Black marble astonishes us with its regal appearance that reflects power and nobility and enthrals the viewer with passion and ambition. Many believe that the colour black increases concentration to a significant amount. The most obvious reason for choosing black to bless your interiors is that it serves as a perfect background for other colours to stand out. Once installed, black marble is the most easy-to-maintain marble. The style and opulence that flourishes all around is another reason that designers trip over their toes to use black marble in the interiors.

Black marble boasts elegant accents with metallic gold, silver, copper and brass tones and takes the feel of luxury to its apex.

Attractive features of Black Marble.

The strong and beautiful white veined structure of the black marble found in Midnight marble is breath-taking in its still perfection. Its white lines are like an art in motion paused for better appreciation of the scene. Black Marble has high gloss value. The inherent ability of the black marble to reflect its brilliance and shine is one of the reasons we are all attracted toward it like bees after nectar.

The decorative properties of black marble render a rather ostentatious impression on the beholder. The rich colour contrasts make for fruitfully amplified ambiences. A proper colour harmony often results in an improved aesthetic appreciation of the applications of black marble and therefore, essential care of the design and its consequential effect is always the prime focus during the installation process.

Usage of Black Marble:

Indoor Uses:

  1. Flooring
    Spectacular flooring designs are formed using black marble to decorate or accentuate the lighter marble colours. The grace and elegance that comes easy to black marble along with composite cultured combinations create ceaselessly crafty flooring schemes. The depth and details that black brings to the design are beyond comparison.
  2. Walls
    Accent walls in patterned mosaics and digital, geometric designs are brought to reality by using a thrilling combination of black and grey. The picturesque designs rendered real by the use of black marble on the walls are quite impressive. Black marble around the fireplace will not only hide soot and ashes but also brings the fireplace to life with the yellow and orange flames dancing in the black hearth, reflected in the heart of the black marble.
  3. Tables
    Centre tables carved out in singular designs with black marble create an intimate focal point in the living areas and dining rooms. The ability of black marble to hided stains and spills easily makes it a favoured choice of material for trendy tables.
  1. Countertops
    The kitchen platform is called an island for a reason. It cooks its own charming tales of health and hygiene, of wealth and prosperity, of beauty and benefits. The kitchen countertop is a living breathing dominating entity of the kitchen which when designed perfectly makes cooking a rich experience to be savoured daily. Black marble does exactly that.
  1. Accessories
    Sophisticated art pieces irrespective of cultural differences, indifferent towards the borders of region and religion have been carved in black marble since ages. They represent the flow of life and the nurtured culture of the nature quite on-point. They decorate the shelves and fulfil other features of their existence in the homes lifting up the aesthetic value of interiors.

Outdoor Uses

  1. Pool
    The pool is the relaxation hub of any house. If you happen to have natatorium pool, decorating it with black marble boundaries in combination with beige marble, will give it the right amount of intimacy and set the tones of rejuvenation right.
  1. Patio
    A gleaming patio set in black marble can be used as an outer reading nook or a specialised corner for Sunday brunches. The flair that black marble has in spades in spaces like this is beyond comparison. Artistic patterns can be employed to highlight the feel you want to bring out.
  1. Garden
    Lavishness gets its surname in homes that have a garden with a beautiful walkway made out of black marble in geometric patterns. The green of the grass against the black marble creates for regal eye-catching gardens.

The ravishing royal appearance of black marble to highlight and decorate interiors changes the outlook of designers and residents alike on the same dull and drab space that it was prior to the décor. Black marble catches attention like no other and skilled application in the interiors would awaken them from their deep slumber.