The Right Marble Choices for Your Commercial Spaces
Published on October 20, 2022.

Floor marble design for house remains an inevitable addition to luxurious spaces thanks to its exemplary aesthetic appeal and incredible properties of being highly durable and heat and stain resistant. Considering the wide range of varieties, colours, and patterns of the marble stone available in the market today, it is only safe to say that this masterpiece of nature can assist you in creating some of the most phenomenal spaces of your life. Whether you are picking the best quality marble for home or exploring various types of marble flooring for your commercial space, this stone will only serve as the epitome of elegance and sophistication for the space of the installation. The best part about this precious, luxurious, and one of the most beautiful stones in the world is that it can effortlessly blend into any interior aesthetic. So, whether you choose a vintage, classic interior design for your home or an uber-glam interior design for your studio workspace, marble is going to be the best choice you can ever make!

Yes! Picking the marble floor design for home may turn out to be a little easier than exploring an entire marble collection just to pick the best marble for your commercial space. Workspaces often experience the most wear and tear thanks to the constant human traffic and inescapable workspace chaos. Nevertheless, you cannot compromise on making a lasting impression on the clients and colleagues that enter your workspace for meetings and conferences. Therefore, you will need a stone that is highly durable and oozes elegance, luxury, and sophistication in every inch. This only makes marble an apt choice for installation in the finest commercial spaces. If you are on a quest to pick the right marble for your commercial space, you have landed on the right article. We’ve got you some inspiring ideas from some of RK Marble’s finest marble designs that can serve as the right choices for your commercial spaces. Let’s take a look —

1. Blue Onyx Marble

A lobby or reception area is among the first spaces of visit when it comes to entering a workspace setting, making it the bull’s eye of any commercial space. Designing this space becomes essential if you want to set the tone of your space and make a lasting impression on your clients. Talking about lasting impressions, a backlit Blue Onyx reception counter is destined to be the talk of the town. If you are someone with fine taste in fashion and contemporary design elements, this is the stone for you!

2. Monte Bianco Marble

Monte Bianco is popular for transforming office spaces into spaces that encourage productivity and calmness since it evokes an impression of crisp, greyish streams flowing through the snow-capped mountains. Use this as the best marble for flooring to make your cabin at work appear more tasteful, spacious, and relaxing.

3. Grigio Carnico Marble

Just like the reception area, the lift area is one of the first spaces you see in a commercial building. The Grigio Carnico marble is a unique natural stone that is ideal for accentuating the wall of an elevator space. From the moment they walk into the space, this marble design for wall will leave a lasting impression on your clients and colleagues.

4. Spanish Beige Marble

Some of the world’s best ideas are evoked in the minds of the masterminds during a conference meeting with colleagues. Creating space for creativity, brainstorming, mind mapping, teamwork and attention to detail, Spanish Beige marble serves to be perfect for the conference room flooring. The Spanish Beige marble evokes a sense of balance and harmony as well as elegance and creativity with its unique aesthetic of painting broad white streams on a beige canvas.

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