The Ultimate Guide to Home Decorating Ideas Using Granite
Published on September 22, 2022.

Residing in the hearts and homes of millions of homeowners, imported granite has made its mark on the architecture and interior design industry. Marking its territory in the design industry as the most sought-after stone owing to its distinctive, exotic appearance and incredible qualities, granite has been the most coveted stone by renowned architects and interior designers. As kitchen slab granite, white granite is the most admired by homeowners who have exemplary taste in fashion. From white granite countertops and kitchen granite flooring to statement walls and the heavenly staircase of the penthouse, this stone frequently serves as the first choice of any creative and responsible designer and homeowner.

Granite stone for kitchen would be your best pick owing to its alluring characteristics. Granite countertops can do wonders in gleaming up the elegance of your kitchen space and serve looks with a purpose. This stone is highly durable, available in abundant patterns, colours and varieties, is known to boost the property’s value, lives up to its stain resistance, and is hypoallergenic. What else could you ask for?

If you’re worried about the quality, R K Marble is considered the most trustworthy granite supplier in India for all the right reasons. You can buy granite online from the R K Marble website or choose to visit the store near you to explore a plethora of granite stone options varying in patterns, thickness, and price. Let us now look at some exquisite granite options from R K Marble and see how you can decorate your elegant, luxurious apartment using granite.

How to use imported granite in interior design?

A Swish Bathroom

Granite walls offer glamour and elegance to luxurious bathroom spaces. Given that this area is extremely moist, granite sealers can be utilised to offer additional protection against etching, dirt accumulation, and staining. Your choice of granite stone colour must depend upon the size of your bathroom. For smaller spaces, you can pick light-colored granite such as the Super White by R K Marble to make the space appear even more expansive. If your bathroom has a colossal amount of space, you can add elegance by using the Bronze Star granite stone. Your bathroom might end up being the masterpiece of your lavish residence thanks to a fiery bronze bouquet and the breathtaking charm of the Bronze Star. If your tastes lie anywhere in high-end fashion, you can effortlessly add drama to the space using the Blue Bahia granite.

A Statement Wall

Bring into your home an accent or a statement wall to add an element that serves as the focal point of your home. Granite walls exude elegance with their sleek, contemporary aesthetic, so adding R K Marble’s Avocatus granite to your living room adds a cutting-edge touch of nature to the space.

A Winsome Coffee Table

The Botanic Green coffee table in your exquisite home as a decorative design element sets the aesthetic that is drop-dead gorgeous. Make your mornings calm and exciting with a beautiful stone that looks as pretty as a picture every time you look at it.

A Stunning Fireplace wall

The Labradorite Granite stone is an alluring charm for your fireplace wall. It is a stunning natural stone with a brilliant blue hue that can turn any ordinary room into a work of marvellous artistry. The mysterious patterns and glowing blue embers that make up this stone make it the most appropriate stone for a fireplace wall to create a statement corner in your residence.

A Ravishing Staircase

Use the Desert Eagle Granite for application on the steps for a touch of magnificence and antique romance. This ravishing staircase will stun your guests and create an awe-inspiring feeling every time someone lays eyes on it.

What are you waiting for? Visit the R K Marble store in New Delhi, Gurugram or Kishangarh to explore a wide range of granite stones and bring elegance, glamour, and unbeatable value to your residence effortlessly.