Top Reasons to Choose A Green Stone for Your Home
Published on September 22, 2022.

When designing your dream home, imported marble and granite stones are the quintessential elements for creating a masterpiece that lasts for generations. While white marble is always the first choice of natural stone we think of, we shouldn’t ignore the magnificence of green natural stone: green marble & green granite.

Why carpet your home with a white stone – blanketing each corner of your kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms in a monotone? Instead, opt for vibrant green marble or green granite to add a touch of glamour and elegance to the space. Incorporating luxurious versions of green pearl granite such as the Verde Lapponia as a statement wall makes it the focal point of your living room, because why not? The remarkable, distinctive patterns and hues of the green granite stone are always an eye-catching element of the home interior. Not only green granite, but also white green marble or dark green marble, will leave your guests speechless at every turn and become the talk of the town feature of your luxurious home.

Are you still not convinced that you should incorporate this artistic design element into your home? Read further to find out the reasons to choose the green RK Marble stone for your home. Let’s consider the most important corners of your home and how an installation of green stones will help you bring out the beauty of the spaces.


Kitchen Countertop

The kitchen countertop of any home is supposedly the busiest space in the house. This space must be functional as well as eye-catching and elegant.

Installing green granite countertops would be your best pick for exuding a sumptuous, elegant aesthetic. From green granite flooring to dark green granite countertops, this stone brings nothing but a perfect blend of functionality and an eye-pleasing appearance to the space. The green granite kitchen serves as the best choice owing to the stone’s impeccable durability, toughness, easy maintenance, aesthetic appearance, stain and heat resistance, and the ability to boost the property value of your home.

Serpentine is a mineral found in the majority of green marbles, protecting them from etching and other problems similar to the acidic reaction that other pure calcite-based stones experience. Green marble stone may be used for kitchen countertops with ease if it is properly coated, finished, and sealed. When a suitable thickness of green marble kitchen slab is utilised, green marble is exceptionally heat resistant and robust.

Focus Wall for the Living Room

Who doesn’t like a masterpiece in the living room? Green marble flooring or gold green marble backsplash, this masterpiece is destined to steal the limelight of the party. The aesthetic, dramatic, glamorous yet elegant appearance of both green marble and granite stones make them an ideal choice to add a hint of glimmer to the living room. You can also add these impeccable beauties to your bedroom space.

Bathroom space

The best thing about incorporating a light green marble stone is that this durable stone, when cared for appropriately, can prove to be an ideal option for the bathroom space as well. A striking addition of green marble or granite will make your rejuvenating experience more soothing and your space more elegant.

We assure you of an incredible experience at R K Marble when you finally take a step towards purchasing a green stone. Feel free to enquire about our transparent green marble price and fair green granite price – contact our Stone Experts. The prices of each kind of stone may vary depending upon the thickness, colour and other factors – but they’re of the best quality trusted by the entire nation.