Transform Your Living Space with Onyx Marble
Published on August 24, 2022.

Living in a home which is designed to outclass the ordinary interiors of residential spaces with exuberance and elegance is the taste of a select few. Homeowners who desire to have such extraordinary living spaces need extraordinary, exotic interior elements to portray their luxurious, chic choice of décor. A stone most coveted by architects and interior designers – The Onyx Marble – can sole-handedly make your space appear out of the ordinary.

This stone is a rare find and since it is a natural stone, each slab appears different yet effortlessly adds a peculiar character to any space it is installed in. R K Marble is one of the very few reliable, renowned marble suppliers that can offer you a variety of colours in this exquisite piece of nature. Available in a wide range of colours such as Blue Onyx, Pink Onyx, Black Onyx, Red Onyx, Green Onyx, White Onyx, and Honey Onyx, this exotic stone, owing to its rarity, is opted only by very few.

Each hue delineates a distinctive appearance to the space. For example, a blue onyx marble renders a soothing vibe to the area of installation, whereas a black onyx marble exudes sheer elegance, finesse and beauty like none other. You can artistically add the Onyx Marble to your residence to make any space look like the showstopper it is destined to be. Here are a few ways you can make use of the Onyx marble stone to enhance the glam and elegance of your home:

The Backlit Blue Bar

This exotic beauty is a translucent stone which transmits light when illuminated from the back. Usually preferred as a luxurious reception desk for workspaces, this blue onyx marble can be the masterpiece bar setting which will steal the hearts of your guests at first sight.

The Icy White Kitchen Countertop

Talking about minimalism and modish interior designs, an icy white kitchen countertop partnered with silver kitchenware items and white, chic cabinets can surely turn heads with its flawless, subtle yet wondrous appearance.

The Showcase of Elegant Living

The living room, being the most preferred space of the house, deserves special attention to detail. Whether it is used to watch television or for having heart-to-heart conversations with your loved ones, this space deserves to be the centre of attraction of your opulent abode. Adding a pink onyx marble as a wall panel in the living room can be a masterpiece talked about for several years by the guests you host.

The Relaxing Bathroom Space

The bathroom space must be relaxing and should bring out a sense of calmness and rejuvenation. Don’t you think that, with all the calmness and relaxation, this room’s understated elegance is a point to be focused on? Let’s discover a few ways to incorporate the onyx marble into the bathroom:

1. Extravagant Bathroom Walls

2. The Glamorous Bathtub and Vanity

3. The Exotic Bathroom Countertop

The Luxe Bedroom Wall

Your bedroom is a personal den that reflects your personality, your taste in fashion, and your desire for a lush lifestyle. Therefore, adding a unique piece of stone to your bedroom can completely transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Whether you add this masterpiece to the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, or the bathroom, it is destined to make your residence resemble an artist’s atelier. Install this exotic masterpiece of nature in the colour of your choice; buy marble online from the R K Marble website or visit the store.

The onyx marble price ranges from Rs.1450 to Rs.2500/-per square foot, making it stand at a higher price range, yet its alluring beauty makes it worth every penny.