Types of Granite And How Do They Impact Your Home Design?
Published on August 24, 2022.

Home interiors adorned with bits and pieces of granite stone designs scattered throughout the residential space will only add to the elegance and luxe of your home. Granite stone is amongst the most distinguished rock types in the world, with diverse applications ranging from majestic buildings to spectacular sculptures or even splendid home interiors. Imported granite, which comes in a variety of colours including white, black, grey, red, and green, is widely regarded as nature’s most beautiful work of art. For hundreds of years, granite has been viewed as a symbol of luxury, strength, and durability. Due to its use as a structural stone and paver block, its excavation used to be a significant industrial activity.

Homeowners, architects, and interior designers’ most treasured stone of choice for application in several corners of the residence, whether as granite flooring or as kitchen granite, this stone comes with a plethora of benefits for the residents. From aesthetic appeal to durability, granite is all that you need for your luxurious home. Let’s take a look at a few reasons for using granite in your elegant spaces:

  1. Because of its natural origin, each granite piece has a unique pattern, giving each stone an unrivalled appearance. The granite stone comes in a variety of colours, and the surface can be honed or polished, making it the perfect artistic material. The existence of granite stone in your kitchen area can have a significant impact on its aesthetic appeal.
  2. Granite stone has exceptional strength and durability, as well as scratch and heat resistance, making it the perfect material for granite countertops. After sealing, it becomes stain-resistant.
  3. When sealed, granite requires minimal maintenance; all you will need is a granite-friendly cleaner to keep the surface clean.
  4. You can buy granite online from the RK Marble website or explore the wide range of granite stones right from the R K Marble store near you with granite price ranging from around Rs. 700 to Rs. 7000/-per square foot.

Its credibility cannot be questioned and its appearance cannot be competed with. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at the types of granite you can choose from for your magnificent home:

White Granite

Granites such as Milano Marble, Super White Marble, Monte Bianco Variation 2, and Vibranium Granite Marble from the RK Marble Company are excellent picks to make your homes appear capacious and elegant.

Black Granite

Exotic black stones such as Belvedere, Bellatrix, Black Fusion Marble, and Kozmus Marble exquisitely add charm and splendour to your space.

Grey Granite

The grey granites, Nuvolato Azzuro, Vulcano Crystal, Copa Cabana, and London Grey Variations, effortlessly catch the eyes of anyone who sees these masterpieces installed in your homes.

Red Granite

If you are looking forward to bringing in the drama with minimal effort, pick the ravishing reds from R K Marble. While softer red stones like Rosso Statuario are more subtle, Revolution and Vulcano Granite stones adorning any space in your home can provide a glimpse of drama, class, and glamour.

Green Granite

Exotic wall panels are all you need to make your living space become the talk of the town for years. By exotic stones, we mean the brilliantly picked green granite stones brought to you by R K Marble. Whether it is Cheyene Granite, Avocatus, Botanic Green, Emerald Quartzite, or Verde Lapponia, any of these options can flawlessly bring elegance and an inequitable touch of natural elements to the space.

Blue Granite

The subtle tones and bold aesthetics of granite stones such as Labradorite, Bethany Blue, Mistike, and Blue Fusion can magically bring exuberance to the space.

Owing to its durability, affordability, exquisite appearance, and the plethora of colours and variations that granite stone comes in, it is safe to say that the natural stone is worth every penny and is the best pick for spaces to bring in elegance, style, and glamour with ease.