Vastu Approved: Why Marble Is A Favourite Of Vastu Experts Too?
Published on September 22, 2022.

A classic Buddhist philosophy is also reflected in the ancient Hindu architectural and design method known as Vastu Shastra. By removing bad energy and strengthening favourable ones, it seeks to establish harmony and a successful existence.

Vastu Shastra specialists believe that if a structure is built following Vastu Shastra principles, individuals who live or work there will experience harmony and prosperity, which will increase their riches, bring good health, joy and long life.

If you believe in Vastu Shastra, the designing and planning process of your luxurious dream home must have led you to consider the fundamentals of Vastu Shastra in the application of the latest marble flooring design. Marble design generally is the most frequently picked for making home interiors appear aesthetically pleasing and serves the purpose of functionality with its impeccable durability, distinctive appearance and heat resistance. The principles of Vastu Shastra play an important role in the selection of patterns and colours of marble floor design for home.

Vastu tips on marble flooring

Vastu-compliant homes incorporate different types of marble flooring, each varying in terms of an attractive colour, fascinating pattern, varied thickness, and the best quality marble can have. Picking the right marble slab for your home becomes indispensable considering the impact it can have not just on the appearance and functionality of the space in your residence but also on the family members living inside. Finding the right patterns, materials, and features for your flooring can bring stability and harmony into your home, according to Vastu Shastra.

Let’s explore what Vastu Shastra suggests about marble for home:

  • It is believed that placing imported white marble in the northeast eliminates every hindrance to the members of the family’s income and everyday lives. By doing this, the residents of the home achieve the pinnacle of success and prosperity. Additionally, it maintains the income coming in and gives you the independence to do any task on your own. The youngest son of the home and his work also benefit from acquiring the white-coloured marble in the north-east direction.


  • As per Vastu Shastra, green is seen to be an excellent colour for the east. The green marble design for floor facing east must, therefore, if conceivable, even be green in colour or have a noticeable green aura. The residents in the home, especially the older son of the family, gain a lot by doing so. The home’s oldest son benefits the most by placing a green imported marble or granite in the east wall or maintaining any other green object. His life continues to go at the same speed, and regardless of what occurs in life, he invariably manages to find a solution.
  • Utilising white marble flooring in the west preserves the family’s happiness intact, or, more specifically, the smiles on everyone in the residence. Moreover, installing a stunning imported white marble such as the premium Statuario Variation by R K Marble in the west is considered beneficial for the youngest daughter in the family.

  • When selecting the flooring marble for the South-east zone, red marble, such as Rosso Alicante, Rosso Lavante, Rosso Espanol, or any other pink-coloured marble, must be specifically chosen. These particular stones offer the required load to offset the energy drain. Additionally, red fulfils the need for this zone since it symbolises the fire components.
  • A yellow marble, like Yellow Travertine, represents the elements of the earth and directs gravity in this direction. The sink-sink combo in the southwest corner of the home has to be compensated for.
  • Black Marble flooring would be ideal mostly in the north direction of the house, as per Vastu Shastra. The happiness of the residence is mostly dependent on this direction. Any bad energy existing in this direction would be blocked by using a dark stone, such as the Grigio Celina.

  • Vastu Shastra advises installing an orange-coloured marble in the south direction. The colour of the marble stone installed in this area must represent the fire element for beneficial purposes.
  • In the northwest direction of your home, go for a calming blue marble stone. The qualitative requirements of this zone are matched by the blue colour, as it represents ‘Vayu tattva’.


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