What Is Onyx Marble And Why Is It Such A Rage?
Published on July 29, 2022.

Owning a space that portrays luxury and elegance comes with an incredible taste from the homeowner, interior designer, or architect. Adding opulence to your workspace or living area may sound like a difficult job. What if we told you that simply adding a stone would transform your space into the epitome of elegance and luxury? R K Marble provides the finest selection of Onyx Marble—the talk of the town, the element you can add to your home. Its beauty speaks for itself.

Onyx marble can be used as flooring, countertops, a marble dining table, bathroom walls, or in the reception area of your workspace to enhance the look of your glamorous space. Onyx Marble is made up of concentric zones of calcite or aragonite accumulated in caves or crevices, as well as around natural spring exits, by cold water solutions. Because of the wide range of colours available, this exotic stone leaves a lasting impression on the visitors to your home. Highlighting the space, this marble comes in a variety of colours, especially brought to you by RK Marble in a collection made to raise the bar of interior décor in homes and workspaces. Below are the ethereal Onyx Marble options available at RK Marble:

Blue Onyx Marble

Blue Onyx marble lends a soothing aura to any space, whether it illuminates in your residence or becomes a show-stopper in the workplace, largely owing to its white and orange flames.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx Slabs are a rarely found exotic stone that exudes finesse, luxury, and sheer elegance. It’s a luring spot for your residence, often with gold strikes.

White Onyx Marble

White Onyx Marble is a timeless classic with an ethereal illusion of pink, orange, and gold that morphs any space into a glimmering haven.

Green Onyx

Allow the soothing green to soak around in your residence with this natural onyx marble, flawlessly showcasing the fascinating wilderness of the stone’s birthplace.

Red Onyx

Flaming red onyx slabs are a sight to behold in any setting. The magnificent vermilion adds a mystique touch of luxury to any room with bold strokes.

Pink Onyx

Pink Onyx is as magnificent as it is beautiful, making it a one-of-a-kind and stylish stone for any living space.

Honey Onyx

Honey Onyx Slabs, also known as Yellow Onyx, Orange Onyx, and Golden Onyx marble stone, are a game changer in their own right. To fully embrace this work of natural art, you must experience its versatility and durability for yourself.

Now that you know the Onyx variants you can choose from, let’s find out how you will add this masterpiece to your designer home:

The Artistic Centrepiece

The living room, being the most visited space in your residence, should be designed with carefully crafted interiors, making it the centre of attraction of your luxurious home. Adding an Onyx Marble to this space will leave a lasting impression on the guests you host.

The Premium Kitchen Countertop

Even though Onyx requires a little more care than your marble countertops, the overall look will make you fall in love with this stone. Ice Onyx is the ultimate choice of architects and interior designers who look forward to creating kitchen masterpieces while providing cutting-edge quality to their clients.

A Dreamy Workplace

A backlit Onyx reception is all you need to make the workspace look luxurious. This epitome of elegance acts as a deal breaker when it comes to leaving a lasting impression on clients and employees.

The Onyx Marble Stone by R K Marble is the best choice to make your interiors look elegant and attractive. Adding this stone to any space of your residence, whether it be the living room or the bedroom, can make your entire home look like a piece of art.