What You Should Know About Marble Flooring?
Published on October 13, 2020.

Amplifying the appeal of the interior distinctively may seem challenging but can be perfected through persistent deliberation and efforts. As flooring is perceived as a major attraction within a home, it becomes even more crucial to consider a number of factors prior to choosing marble for flooring. Marble is undoubtedly a timeless and elegant choice that compliments the interior while adding an extraordinary charm to the overall outlook.


The living spaces designed purely in marble captivates greater attention as compared to other materials used for flooring. Marble being a natural stone, entails some of the unique characteristics which makes it an ultimate choice for homeowners and architects.

Here we bring to you some of the most important factors that would enlighten and help you make an informed decision of choosing marble as a flooring option.

#Naturally robust

As marble is quarried straight from the mountain ranges, it possesses a natural beauty making it a genuine masterpiece. Marble forms through a natural phenomenon and made by limestone’s metamorphic crystallization that results in the conversion of calcium carbonate into calcite crystals. As a metamorphic rock, marble tends to be stronger than other materials, thereby making it perfect for flooring. The natural composition of marble makes it highly durable and robust.

#A Premium Choice

Marble is perceived no less than a treasure. Being a proud owner of a home with stunning interior designed purely in premium marble signifies the heightened lifestyle or affluence within the society at large. The installation of high-end imported marble to adorn the living spaces has become a status symbol.

#Loud on Aesthetics

One of the major reasons why marble is preferred over other materials for flooring is its realistic and natural elegance. Marble is exclusively available in a range of unique colours, patterns, texture and finish. What makes marble incredibly special is the unmatched grandeur. Imported marble comprises an infinite range of variants that are loud on lustre and aesthetics.

#Care, A Prerequisite

Marble being an exotic natural stone requires specialized care and timely maintenance. Though it is highly durable, marble being a porous stone is prone to stains and permanent marks if not treated on a regular basis. For enhanced protection against stains, a quality surface sealer and treatment is required that creates a shield while filling the pores in the stone. Besides initial treatment, frequent maintenance through application of sealants is necessary for effective prevention against permanent loss of lustre and colour.