Redefining White Marble
Published on June 16, 2021.

The majestic and sensual white marble has been long-standing as a symbol of purity, sophistication and luxury.

Pure, pristine and priceless, the white marble ranges from angelic to dramatic, offering an array of luxurious choices for various applications. Moreover, the abstract, elegant veins on the immaculate white marble break up the monotony and add interesting character to the interiors.Why is white marble so popular?

The elegant veins on the white marble break up the monotony and add interesting character to the room. (Michael Angelo)

Why is white marble so popular?

1. It is eternally beautiful

Needless to say, white marble is timeless. It reigns unparalleled when it comes to aesthetics. It looks great and makes for some enviable Instagram posts.

2. Makes the room seem spacious

The fair shade of white marble reflects light and visually expands the space. Even if you forego the conventional polished white marble and opt for a contemporary 3D surface finish, it only adds to the volume of the space.

3. Complements any theme

White is a serene colour that complements almost any colour theme you choose for your home – right from wooden furniture to metallic décor, it is extremely versatile and pairs perfectly with almost anything. This is especially helpful if you plan to redecorate your home once in a while without taking apart the floors and walls altogether.

4. White exudes peace and calm.

Home is where you find some peace of mind. And the cool white marble does just that. The chaste stone undeniably adds to a tranquil ambience, filling your soul with a sweeping sense of calm as soon as you step into the room.

White marble radiates a matchless sense of peace and calm. (Monte Bianco)

What’s new in white?

Admittedly white marble is eternally beautiful, but is it always an immaculate, flawless white piece of marble that is the popular choice for adorning modern homes? No, it’s not.

More and more homeowners are inching towards exquisite patterns and vibrant veins. Beyond the flawless white marble, designers and homeowners alike are embracing the veins and patterns on white marble such as Cat’s Eye and Statuario.

Indian white marble vs. Imported white marble

Indian marble such as Makrana white marble is hailed as superior – and why not, since it gave us wonders like Taj Mahal. However, they are now pretty common in Indian households. They don’t catch the eye and often seem inconspicuous against the array of extraordinary imported marble. Moreover, sadly their authenticity is often questionable. Furthermore, the range of shades is limited as opposed to the world of shades of imported white marble.

Since the marble’s place of origin doesn’t really factor into its properties, you can use imported white marble from any country to elevate your interiors.

Explore the array of imported premium white marble at R K Marble. (Flawless White Marble)

50 shades of white


Perhaps the most admired Italian white marble, Statuario has a pearly white glimmer that complements its distinct, conspicuous wiry veins. Like wisps of silky fabric, the veins dance across the white canvas, bringing the stone – and your home – alive.

Michael Angelo

The peachy white marble is known for the array of designs available for the same stone. As it may be cut in different angles, Michael Angelo marble creates intricate art that is irreplaceable in your home.


Soft tones of peach milk add to the warmth and cosiness. (Michael Angelo)

Swarovski Crystal White

A notch above the flawless white, the sparkling stone seems like something out of a fairytale – meant to be used in grand ballrooms and castles.

Cat’s Eye

The physical manifestation of sensuous poetry, the Cat’s Eye marble features some rare patterns. With characteristic grey veins that run horizontally through the span of the stone, it adds a mystical, somewhat symmetrical appearance to the room.

Bianco Oro

Like strands of saffron gently falling on a sea of milk, the Bianco Oro is a treasure of quiet elegance. It is an amazing choice for homeowners who are looking to add enigmatic air to their interiors.

Monte Bianco

Do you want to reflect the beauty of nature in your home? Monte Bianco portrays an image of crisp, grey streams coursing their way through the snowy Alps, and enhance the ambience of your room.

White marble bathrooms with soft veining for luxury me-time (Volakas White Marble)

Volakas White

Do you wish to do without grey and black veins on white marble? The Volakas White marble features shadows of Himalayan pink swirling through the white.

White Equator

The long straight lines make the area seem elongated and symmetrical. While most marble varieties feature distinctive patterns that are beautifully chaotic, the White Equator marble has an organized, tamed, predictable pattern that is pleasing to the eye.

White marble is the epitome of sophistication and luxury. (Cat’s Eye)

Is the chaste white marble boring now?

Not at all! If anything, flawless white marble is more popular than ever. This is due to its rarity to find, as well as the fact that its exemplary brilliance is reserved for certain aspects of a room. For instance, it’s not uncommon to see pure white marble in lavish living rooms and gorgeous places of worship in Indian households.

Besides the flooring, flawless white marble is transforming the walls with exquisite 3D surface finishes. Embossed accents and patterns on the plain white marble add character to your interiors. With the right lighting, it also plays with shadows and reflects light in mystical, unexpected ways.

Beyond flawless, the “imperfections” are what makes the marble perfect. (Statuario)

Alternatives for white marble

  • Beige marble offers a warmer shade of pearly white marble with many more vein patterns to choose from.
  • Light grey marble resembles the silvery sheen of certain white marble without being as bright on the eyes.
  • Light coloured marble, like cool blue and pink, are as serene and peaceful as white.

Should I buy veined marble or pure white marble?

Whether you like stark white marble or marble with more grains – each one has its own merits. Explore various options and possibilities before coming to a decision and making the purchase. Regardless of their unique designs, premium quality marble adds value to your home, enhancing its beauty over the years.

After all, marble is purchased once but lasts with you forever.

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