Why Is Everyone In Love With Onyx?
Published on October 20, 2022.

The most renowned architects and interior designers offer spaces to their valued clients that exude elegance and luxury that mirror their phenomenal skills, keen interest in innovative creations and exceptional taste in design. Those looking to introduce an essence of elegance and distinctiveness through an artistic magnum opus into their living space often seek peculiar, contemporary design elements that can effortlessly do the job of creating a rage among their friends and family. Exploring a plethora of marble stone options can quickly become overwhelming these days, which is why when you express your desire to the skilled interior designers you hire, they will most likely pull out design options for their most coveted stone – the Onyx marble.

While marble flooring has been an exemplary design element for centuries, new, more contemporary natural stone designs are making their way into the design industry, creating a rage for unexampled home interiors. Although nothing can beat a stellar exhibit of marble collection in the most opulent residences, adding chic elements like white onyx marble can magically transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary. A dexterous architect or interior designer will particularly lean towards an onyx marble installation when they decide to create a stellar focal point in the space of work.

Owing to its natural origin, each slab of stone has a unique appearance, adding a distinct aesthetic to any installation space. You can rarely find this stellar stone in the market. However, RK Marble is among the few reputed and reliable marble suppliers who can provide you with a wide range of colours such as Black Onyx, Red Onyx, Blue Onyx, Pink Onyx, Green Onyx, Honey Onyx, and White Onyx. Every colour gives the interiors an idiosyncratic aesthetic; for instance, a pink onyx marble creates a serene vibe in the living area, whilst a red onyx marble oozes elegance, artistry, and allure that is unparalleled.

If you are looking for vivid ways to install this stellar masterpiece of nature in your residence or office space, here are a few fantastic Onyx marble designs by RK Marble you can try:

1. Pink Onyx Marble Bathroom Walls And Flooring

While Pink Onyx is generally preferred as a living room marble, it showcases an entirely different aura in the rejuvenating spaces of the most opulent residences. The bathroom should always be soothing and instill a sense of tranquillity and rejuvenation. The addition of Pink Onyx Marble as bathroom flooring and walls can effortlessly add an essence of elegance and luxury, in addition to a chic, calming and comforting vibe to the space.

2. Honey Lime Onyx Bathtub And Bathroom Vanity

Why should walls and floors have all the fun when you can bring in the magnificence of the Honey Lime Onyx Marble for the bath and bathroom vanity? Honey and lime combine to create a colourful concoction in the Honey Lime Onyx. Who wouldn’t love a peculiar piece of stone to adorn their rejuvenating, most soothing space with? This onyx marble will prove to be the perfect partner for you to enjoy a serene, comforting, and refreshing bath.

3. Blue Onyx Marble Statement Wall

A Blue Onyx statement wall will serve as the showpiece of your luxurious residence. Leave your guests flabbergasted at every sight or watch this artistic masterpiece steal the limelight at your Gatsby-like party. If you are seeking an epitome of elegance to make your choice of home interior design become the talk of the town, a Blue Onyx Marble statement wall for your stellar living room would be perfect for you!

4. Ice Onyx Marble Kitchen Countertop

When it comes to minimalism and contemporary interior design, any icy white kitchen countertop complemented by silver kitchenware and white, charming cabinets will undoubtedly attract attention with its seamless, nuanced, yet enchanting portrayal. It also makes for a stunning cocktail lounge highlight wall and countertop.

Other than these, you can create different focal points in your luxurious residence by installing a backlit blue onyx bar, a Persian blue onyx marble bedroom wall panel, and even a black onyx marble fireplace wall. The onyx marble price at the RK Marble store ranges between Rs.1000 and Rs.2700/-per square foot. You can either visit the RK Marble store near you or buy marble online from the RK Marble website. What are you waiting for? Bring in the Onyx to light up your space today.