Why to opt for Indian marble over any other ??
Published on January 29, 2019.

India has long been the seat of glorious architecture and refined life-style. The days of the royals may have been overtaken by the democratic ways of governance but life-style choices of many remain as regal as those good old days. The grandiosity of Indian architecture, its characteristic yet sometimes extravagant opulence in the form of embedded gold, mirrors and precious jewels and gemstones in wall paintings of the palaces, as in the Amber Palace at Amer, in the state of Rajasthan, have an indelible influence over the world unanimously.

But even in palaces with no gemstone paintings to boast of, the intricate carvings done in priceless marble, the exquisite Indian marble floorings steal the hearts of the beholder. Be it the Mandu’s Hoshang Shah’s Tomb that inspired the architecture of the Taj Mahal, or The Lake Palace of Udaipur or the lavish Marble Palace of Calcutta, the use of Indian marble has added to their beauty and glory.

But luxury is not all that there is to marble, is it?

The reasons why Indian marble is preferred as the best building material and serves as only the most obvious choice of flooring material are altogether different.

Let us separate the gold beads from the sand and figure out the craze behind the usage of Indian marble:

1. Drinking From the Fountain of Youth: Ages Beautifully

Using marble for flooring and other beatific applications is like taking your dream spaces to the fountain of youth and make them not just drink from it but bathe in it. Marble ages beautifully provided you take good care of it. Time to time application of a coat of sealant ensures that the marble maintains its envy-evoking finish. This is undoubtedly a small price to pay for the splendour that you bring home.

2. Marble Always Pays its Debt: Durable

One of the main reasons why marble is preferred is because of its strength and durability that exceeds that of the tiles and other flooring option by a remarkable mark. Though tiles are consistently being improved to bear heavy traffic, their maintenance is more difficult than marble. They never can be carved into something spectacular unlike marble with which numerous sculpting can be carved in the interiors, as it suits you.

3. Sparkles like Stars: Awesome Finish

The natural finish of Marble is well one of the reasons why we can’t resist their charm. Indian marble is best known for being pure without many variations and veins of mineral impurities running through the surface of the marble. When polished this creates for spaces that sparkle and twinkle from a distance and appear clean as a mirror when seen close by.

Wonder White Marble

4. The Other Road: A Better Option

The market is flooding with newer, technologically enhanced materials that serve as convenient, cost-effective flooring solutions. But, even so, these solutions do not cost much less than the marble and doesn’t quite have the same durability or the finish and texture as does the nature-created marble. Marble is indeed the better option. For those who incline towards the luxurious side of life, Imported Marble is a fair option. Mesmerising variants of Indian marble are also quite popular across the world.

Choose marble over other flooring options and rest assured that you own the best flooring there is.

5. Bright as a Summer Day: Wizardly White

The speciality of Indian Marble resides in the startling white of the natural stone. With little to no impurities, the white marble mined from various mines in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, R K marble brings you the best of white that brings elegance and chastity to your spaces and captures attention like no other. Available in six variants, one exceeding the quality of the other, these Wonder White variants are here to set your dream spaces leagues apart.

While Indian marble is the soul of beautiful architectural masterpieces across the country and the world, imported marble weaves its own charm and beauty into interior spaces. Marble’s worth – Indian or imported – needs no more praising as their superior quality speaks for itself. 

With R K Marble, you get the most sought after look for your dreamscape. The Marble flooring is a show-stopper everywhere as you have very well seen for yourself. We hope your projects light up with our products so much so that the love with which you created your space, only increases with time.