Why You Must Incorporate The Beauty of Travertine Marble In Your Space?
Published on July 29, 2022.

The world-renowned travertine is a masterpiece of nature. Considering travertine marble stone as a replacement for conventional stones like granite, can amp up the glam quotient of your space. This sedimentary limestone, created by deposits of calcium carbonate, was used to decorate palaces, basilicas, and temples. It has long been regarded as a first-rate decorative material, having multifarious virtues:

  • It has essential compositional features which enable it to work effortlessly and with incredible strength.
  • It has essential compositional features which enable it to work effortlessly and with incredible strength.
  • Its irregular surface, peppered by small depressions, displays an endless number of patterns, as well as vibrant and enchanting strokes rich in subtle nuances.

Here are a few reasons why R K Marble’s Travertine marble for home is the best alternative to conventional stones:

It is the epitome of luxury.

Travertine can easily add a lavish as well as a timeless appearance to interiors. Even though travertine is among the oldest building resources and has been used for centuries, it has seen limited use due to its brittleness and cracking, as opposed to tougher materials such as marble or granite. However, it can now be hardened through the use of resins and sealants.

It is suitable for external use.

Travertine has several marvellous qualities, including the ability to withstand harsh outside weather and climatic conditions all year round. Its anti-skid characteristics add to the overall features. This important aspect makes travertine an excellent choice for outdoor walking paths, driveways, seating areas, pool decks, as well as other landscape features.

It has a textured appearance.

Travertine is distinguished by the presence of natural porous structure and unique patterns that create an elegant texture. The stone seems to have a raw appearance that implies significant wear and tear. Travertine comes in a variety of shades, spanning from a light ivory to golden brown; such hues are caused by iron traces found inside the stone.

It is suitable for use on both floors and walls.

Travertine can be used for a multitude of settings, including as a TV backdrop in the living area, on bathroom walls, for interior or exterior flooring, in low traffic areas, and as an external cladding. However, Travertine is majorly used for wall cladding.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Travertine marble floor maintenance requires more effort than marble and granite. However, the cleaning is easy. To keep travertine floors sparkling clean, a subtle wipe with the use of a mop should be done on a regular basis. It is recommended to apply a penetrating seal, which should be replaced every year, and to avoid using acid cleaners while cleaning.

Here are a few ways you can add variations of this incredible travertine marble stone to your home:

Travertine Bedroom Flooring

The Greek Rosa Travertine Marble which resembles a lovely pink space of roses rich with gentle flecks all around, is a fantastic stone which can seamlessly enhance the appearance of your bedroom, making it look elegant and luxurious.

Travertine Bathroom Interiors.

The Vatican Tra Onyx Marble, an epitome of elegance, is a phenomenal fusion of travertine and onyx. The vibrations of beige and brown add character to the bathroom space, giving it an exotic look. It adds a sense of calm and sophistication while enhancing its elegance.

Travertine seating area.

Titanium Travertine, a delightful montage of pitch black, mild brown, and cool, dynamic grey, unquestionably ups the aesthetic factor of modern residences or spaces with seating corners. It makes the space appear majestic and relaxing while maintaining the luxury quotient.

Travertine Living Room

The Magma Gold Travertine is a magnificent earthy elegance, which is a discreetly mesmerising piece of stone for your unusual wall cladding. The dynamic brown swirling throughout the fizzing white strokes adds a quirky touch to your living space.

Explore the exquisite travertine collection at R K Marble and pick your favourite today!