A Simple Guide to Choosing Granite Countertops
Published on July 27, 2022.

Granite countertops are the most prevalently found elements of a luxury home. Considering its durability and beauty, granite is evidently the most preferred choice of interior designers and homeowners to glam up the kitchen countertop. You can cut fruits and vegetables as well as place hot pots and pans on the surface of your granite kitchen countertops without worrying about the damage. Moreover, the kitchen is where memories of a family are made. These memories last for a lifetime. Around the kitchen countertop is where families cook their favourite food, share their memorable meals, and the emotional connection always stays with you forever.

A modern countertop design consists of a granite installation that not only goes well with the kitchen cabinets and overall aesthetic of the residence but also stands out as a statement piece in its own right.

Glamming up your kitchen countertops design will add a touch of opulence and vibrancy to the space, making it an incredible corner in the home. However, choosing from a variety of hundreds of granite styles and colours can turn into an overwhelming experience for some of you. R K Marble has created this simple guide to selecting a granite countertop for your home; keep the following points in mind before making a purchase at the stone store:

    1. Pick the granite slab that goes well with your kitchen cabinets.

There are two common ways to match granite and cabinets: match the colour or complement the texture and marbling. The first method for matching granite to countertop is to select granite that is the same colour as the cabinets but has darker coloured strokes or patterns. For instance, white cabinets look stunning with White Spring granite, which has strokes of grey, black, and brown.

When you want a contrasting colour in your granite, select stone with colour strokes that match your kitchen cabinets. White granite countertops would also look great with coffee cabinets. It might even be useful to look at widely known granite countertop and cabinet combinations. Here are some suggestions from R K Marble to help you pick the right combination as per your taste and style:

Mahogany and gold hardwood cabinets with neutral granite countertops.

a. Mahogany and gold hardwood cabinets with neutral granite countertops.

a. Cherry cabinets with Verde Peacock or white granite countertops.

a. Light wood cabinets, such as oak, with black or other dark granite.

a. Cabinets in rich red, with earth-tone granite such as cherry and white or green granite.

a. Dark brown cabinets and green granite countertops.

b. Grey, beige, and white granite complement the neutral medium-brown maple cabinets.

2. Pick either dark or light types of countertops in granite.

In certain instances, the appearance of the granite may be more important than the colour theme. If you have a tiny kitchen space, consider a light granite colour, such as white, beige, or grey, to make it look elegant and spacious. Dark granite seems to be ideal for adding drama to a modern kitchen design, particularly if it is expansive. This might not be a great pick for a tiny kitchen or one with very little natural light.

1. Pick a pattern that complements your style and your interiors.

People often tend to focus on the granite colour when selecting the right piece of slab for the countertop, although in certain instances, the pattern can be a better hook. If your kitchen is colourful or busy, you might select granite with a rather solid appearance as a contrast. Select granite with a vibrant pattern if you have a monochrome or minimal themed kitchen. Granite also makes for a great countertop on kitchen islands as well as cocktail counters. If you have a bar in your house then having a granite countertop over it would take your interiors a notch higher.

Note: Before making a purchase, remember that imported granite differs from the commonly found Indian granite in terms of durability, shine, quality, and richness of colour. This is due to the process of granite quarrying and the difference in price and quality of the stone. R K Marble deals only in imported, good quality marble to provide value for the customer’s style and selection.

You can learn more about the Granite collection at https://www.rkmarble.com/collections/granite/and buy granite online right from the comfort of your home.