The Company

The journey of R K Group began with a warehouse at Kishangarh, Rajasthan in 1989 and over the span of few years, diversified by expanding its geographical boundaries within the state in the form of villages Dharmeta, Morwad, Dhariyawad, Banswara in Rajasthan and village Majoli in Madhya Pradesh.

Marble Collections


Indulge in the glory of class-apart Imported Marble from R K Marble. Our popular offerings range from a variety of Statuario Marble, Travertine Marble and Flawless White & Cat’s Eye Marble. These pieces are versatile and luxurious, the key qualities you would find in all our marble.

by Colours

Add character to your space with our diverse collection of colored marble. From the sand-like hues of beige to the lush-green colors of a dense forest, R K Marble has a way for you to bring all of nature’s beauty right to your home.

by Spaces

Enhance the aura of every space you create with high-quality marble from R K Marble. Our marble are sourced exclusively from the greatest mines across the globe, with the sole aim of creating wonderous spaces.

Exotic Granite Collection

Bringing nature’s finest hues to your homes with our range of glorious, imported granite.
These striking shades are surely going to leave you and your guests awestruck!
A marble known for its durability and strength; R K Marble offers you a wide range of Imported
Granite to choose from for all your flooring needs.



Marble Countertops

Evoke an air of elegance in your home with our range of luxurious Marble Countertops. Its luminosity will bring a desirable look of modernity to your space.

Kitchen Countertops

Sheer elegance and durability, that’s what we guarantee with our range of Kitchen Countertop marble. With exquisite looks and strength, our marble will bring the best of both worlds to your space.

Granite Countertops

Install our Granite Countertops to your space for a promise of strength and class, through the years. Explore our wide range of imported granite for your kitchen or bathroom countertop needs.

Quartzite Countertops

The strength of Quartzite is what makes it an ideal choice for countertops. Our variety of marble, with their swirling designs, are just what you need for all countertop requirements.


An outpour of appreciation for our promise of excellence. This is what
keeps us delivering only the best to all our customers.

Kanishka Choudhry
Studio Ergonomics, Architect
“We wanted to show our client what exactly marble can do for their place. R K Marble Experience Center can give you the best experience of that.”
Sanampreet and Nikhil Narang
Generative Architectural Design Studio, Architects
“The way things are displayed here at the R K Marble Experience Center makes using these stones in our designs very easy. The way marble color palettes are differentiated makes it very easy for the client to understand”
Vimal Gupta
“R K Marble Experience Center is a one-stop solution for designers.”


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Top Marble Suppliers in India

For many years, R K Marble & Granite Pvt. Ltd. has given its cherished clientele only the highest- quality marble and granite stones, making it both the leading Indian consortium and a global trendsetter in the natural stone industry. Beginning its journey from the simple RK Marble Kishangarh warehouse, R K Marble Group now stands among the most renowned companies in the natural stone industry of India.

Leading Marble and Granite Supplier in India – R K Marble

An inexplicable desire to possess the most precious, inestimable natural stones in your luxurious residential or commercial spaces lies amongst us all. After all, the incredibly beautiful natural stones such as marble and granite can not only elevate the elegance of your opulent spaces but also come with impeccable benefits like durability and increased property value. From marble flooring to marble design for the wall panels in your living room, exploring the myriad of marble stone options for your home interiors can become extremely confusing and painstaking. Don’t look elsewhere when you can have access to the best – and largest – marble collection offered to you by the most trusted marble company – R K Marble. R K Marble & Granite Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Indian consortium as well as a global pioneer in the natural stone industry, providing only the best quality marble and granite stones to its treasured clientele for several years.

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R K Marble has warehouses in Kishangarh, Rajashthan and Gurugram, Haryana. We also have a Stone Art Gallery & Showroom in Mayapuri, New Delhi.

Marble is a timeless beauty that does not absorb heat quickly and is highly durable. Not just that, marble is a natural stone with a distinctive appearance in every inch, which means it can effortlessly add oomph to your home interiors and enhance the elegance of your residential or commercial space. If you are looking for the best marble stone suppliers, search no more! Visit the RK Marble store near you now!

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks (most often limestone or dolomite).

Granite is an igneous rock made up primarily of two minerals: feldspar and quartz. Available in a plethora of designs and colour variants, granite can effortlessly make your space appear like the state-of-the-art masterpiece it is destined to be. You can end your quest for the best granite stone suppliers by visiting the R K Marble store near you soon!

You can check the quality of marble by looking for cracks and crumbs on the surface of the stone.

Marble has been principally used for the construction of buildings and monuments, kitchen countertops, and the flooring of commercial and residential spaces.